Invest Your Money In These….

There are something’s in life that will always be popular, a niche aspirational market some might say, things that never go in or out of fashion are above and beyond trends and that not just hold their value but frequently increase in value, sometime against marketplace trends. Two items that will never go out of fashion, in my eyes anyway, are a VW Campervan & The classic Chanel black handbag.

Vintage Chanel Handbag

Stylish, cool and desired by a wide age range but why? What makes these two items stand out from the crowd? For me the VW Campervan has that element of fun, freedom and the ability to make me smile, thiking about all the fun I could have in it, the endless summer road trips. The ability to decorate it in my own style and really just to make it mine. VW enthusiasts are also known for their close knit community, if you like, and there are shows all around the country where people can meet and admire VW Campers. I think for me it also remind’s me of my backpacking days…

Split Screen VW Campervan
Now the Chanel Handbag in my eyes is classic in style and shape yet has great design features and is just B-E-A-UTIFUL. I love the chain strap and the logo of course and the quilted effect on the leather. But for me it’s just the perfect size for day & night. It also makes me smile.
I love these items not just because they are “fashionable” I love them because they suit me and my personality…. I also feel quite attached to them, even though I have neither, because of the history behind them. To me each of the two have their own story to tell and I am more than happy to listen, I just need to own them =)