Capsule Wardrobe Part Two… LBD

The perfect cocktail dress, with amazing attention to detail.
LBD= Little Black Dress but of course you knew that. This timeless classic has been around for longer than sliced bread! It is perfect for any occasion, cocktail to hen do. This dress will flatter all figures and is so easy to wear; the best thing about it though is that it will NEVER go out of fashion. You can easily update the look of you fav LBD by changing accessories and make-up.
If you in need of some inspiration check these out.
Sequin batwing sleeved dress with loose fitting silhouette.
Velvet with a beautifully delicate lace…. Stunning!–velvet-little-black-dress/513998

Return Of The…… Vest!



Lace Vest Not String Vest Yet.
Yes you read it right, return of the vest, from sheer to lace to cotton and to string the vest is the staple of any wardrobe. What makes the difference is how you wear it!
Jazz it up with leather or texture, oversized jewellery and red lips makes the perfect evening outfit that screams effortless cool. Go for a slogan or dipped hem, the choices are endless. I am the casual queen loving my vest and tees a like, I have one in every colour!, so this is how I wear mine!
High Neck drop Arm Hole Vest.
I like to think that I can “predict” what the next big thing is going to be and I can see a return of the string vest! Yes I wore one when I was 17/18 when I use to go out. I know fashion faux par! I think there on the way back in…. watch this space!

Travel + Fashion + Internet = ……..

Prada Resort Collection 2013

The world is becoming smaller every day, we now think nothing of hoping on a plane for a long weekend, I included. The 1st commercial flight was in 1914! Almost a hundred years ago and boy has it changed. Freddie Laker was the first no frills airline in 1977, making flying more accessible to everyone.
Vintage Airline Travel
Travel has long been an inspiration for designers. The increase in travel affected fashion by creating the cruise or resort collections. Exotic locations are used on shoots more frequently than not, Sir Norman Parkinson was the 1st British Photographer to shoot on location. Fashion weeks are held in four main cities in the world with the who’s who of fashion attending them all. With clothing souvenirs bouught back from exotic locations this also began to change fashion.
The 21st century equivalent of that is the internet, social media, fashion bloggers, street style snappers, 24hr news and of course Facebook. The world is smaller; we can share our live with our friends all around the world like we saw them every day. The effect of this on the fashion industry has already been huge, with top bloggers becoming fashion faces with the power of the “people” behind them they have managed to create successful careers in a semi closed of industry. Street style fashion has never been more popular with people hanging around the top must see place to get snapped, the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton are infamous, affecting the way people dress. Tommy loves to focus in on accessories or just small areas rarely the whole outfit, which has made people decide to wear disjointed outfits.
Photographer Tommy Ton
The internet has created a new role in the fashion industry giving more people a voice making it the next big thing since 1914!

Inspiration from Istanbul for Sping Summer 2014

Anna Sofia Ceiling- Instanbul
Anyone who knows me, or who has been reading this blog, know that my two great passions in life are fashion & travel. I feel that they go hand in hand and influence each other, I could sit for hours people watching and learning about different cultures through their clothing.
I have, literally, just come back from a long weekend in Istanbul and though I would try and combine my love of Travel and Fashion in a different way. I have made inspiration boards for colour and silhouette, complete with pantone numbers, for 2014 fashion trends. Not as a prediction but more as inspiration.
Spring Summer 2014 Colour & Silhouette Inspiration from Istanbul
The main image above is of the ceiling of a Anna Sofia, I love the blend of bold colours together and the rigid forms of the straight & geometric lines paired with the soft circle shapes. Silhouette inspiration could be taken from this, EG over sized free flowing wide leg trouser shapes paired with fitted tops in rigid materials. This is could also be seen as a play on the different Western and Asian cultures.
Just a musing, I would love to hear what you all thought.

Embrace The 80’s Sports Jacket–grey-sports-jacket/356813
They are shiny, bold, brash and in your face, they usually feature a mix of clashing colours in a questionable shiny fabric. They don’t keep us warm or cool but they are handy for keeping the wind at bay. They have the power to make people smile and others to wretch in disgust, yes you got it I am talking about the 80’s Sports Jacket.
No other item of clothing brings such a vivid image to my mind as the 80’s sports jacket, and I am quite happy to see that they are making a comeback. I personally love their bright colours and wind breaking ability, I love that I smile every time I see my reflection whilst wearing one and laughing at others people reactions too. I think they sum up the 80’s perfectly… Big, Bold and Colourful.
In my eye they are the perfect festival jacket… making you easily found by your friends ;D, element of wipe clean and all in all lots of fun! Now who said Fashion isn’t fun?

Sir Norman Parkinson

Photography Sir Norman Parkinson Styling Grace Coddington
Today is the 100th birthday of Sir Norman Parkinson, one of this countries finest fashion photographers although he passed away in 1990. Known the world over for revoultionising the British fashion photography industry by taking photos of his models outside…. it was the 1940’s. He has also worked with my all time favourite fashion stylist, and one time model, Grace Coddington. Their work together tells a fun, fashion fastasy that I’d love to be in.
Sir Norman Parkinson 21/04/1913- 15/02/1990

Photography Sir Norman Parkinson Styling Grace Coddington

The Tweed Run 2013

Tweed Run 2013
The Tweed Run 2013 took place in Central London on the 13th April, in a very British Style. There were few rules apart from attire and bicycle style. Everyone who took part had to be dressed in Tweed and the bicycles has to be vintage style.
Tweed Run 2013
The Tweed run has been going since 2009 and is gaining more and more popularity, the main idea behind it is to get people together to have some fun in a very British manner…. Tweed & Cycling sounds British to me. So good show old chums tallyho & toddle pip.
Tweed Run 2013

A New Wave Of Designer Wedding Dresses?….

I was thinking the other day, I know shocking hey, that isn’t it about time that a cool a new wave a Wedding Dress designers emerge in this growing fashion market.

& Other Stories

Now I am not the type of girl who has been dreaming of getting married since I was a little girl, I don’t even know if I want to get married. But I can see a gap in the market, there are the typical over the top wedding dresses, the established designer wedding dresses, Westwood, Oscar De La Renta & Vera Wang spring to mind. There is also a very large and growing demand for Vintage wedding Dresses.  I adore vintage wedding dresses, see my previous post here!/2012/05/vintage-romance.html

Acne S/S 2013 Campaigne

But I think that brands such as 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne, Chloe and Maybe even the Kopples were to branch into wedding wear would cater for the new more modern bride. 
Even high street giants such as Topshop, Cos and the new big player &Other Stories could offer a girl like me, who would want a dress that is beautiful, well designed using a good materials and makes me feel amazing when I am wearing it, someone who is not looking for the typical “wedding dress” and girl who has a quirky, cool fashion sense, not wanting to be the centre of attention but stands out because of her sense of style.

Anyway just a thought…..

Forget Double Denim & Think Triple Denim!

Triple Denim
Oh darling don’t you no Double Denim is sooo last year ;D it is all about Triple Denim now. For a real upto date look think contrasting tones of denim, oversized longer length masculine shirts are perfect, even better if you can get one with a contrasting pocket, with skinny skinnies or low slung hipsters. To add the 3r bit of denim into an outfit add a denim jacket or denim backpack for a real 90’s look…. I love it!
Triple Denim

A Day In The Life……

Outfit For The Day- Vintage Levis 501’s & Metallic Knitted top


I am sure no one is really interested but I though I would share a day in the life of me.
Each day can be completely different but most start with an early morning rise around 6 and with a large Coffee and Big Breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I always make sure I have it.
7am- I leave my house and head into Birmingham to get the train into London so once I’m on the train I spent my time reading and replying to emails.
10am- I arrive at Portland Place, my destination for the day, where I have come to style mannequin for Spring Summer 2013 Womenswear Presentation for Next. All the clothes have already been sourced from a range of high end designers to high street retailers. There are 6 trends that have been identified; Demi Couture, Modern Tailoring, Tea Rose, Denim, Unisex & Modern Casual. Each of these trends have mood boards, showing silhouettes, colours and fabric samples.
Mood Boards

 1pm After lunch the models arrive, there are two models for each of the above trends. Make-Up & Hair are discussed and decided on.

3pm- Catwalk run through with music takes place, after the 3rd run through everyone is happy with the outcome with just a few notes on timing of the music.


4pm- Final outfit changes on the mannequins are decided and changed last minute shoe’s arrive so they actually fit on the mannequin and models feet. Layout of mannequins are rearranged to achieve best look and to allow enough room for models to stand by the correct mannequin.
5.15pm- Head back toward Euston to get return train back to Birmingham New Street. On the train on the way back I reply to all the messages I have had through out the day. All email addresses are checked and replied to, one less job to do when I get back.
7.30pm- Get home and have my dinner waiting for me, I have a very good Boyfriend =).

8pm- Watch Great British Sewing Bee whilst editing photos for my vintage boutique, so I can list a new item. I like to list at least one item a day to keep people interested and always coming back, that’s my plan anyway.

9pm- Time to update this blog, again I try to update at least every other day.
10pm- Shower and off to bed…. Another fun, busy, tiring but enjoyable day ahead =)