Brand Focus- Clover Canyon

Clover Canyon Pre Spring Summer 2014
Whilst looking through Vogues Catwalk photos I discovered Clover Canyon, a LA based brand who’s colourful in your face prints certainly get your attention.
Clover Canyon Pre Spring Summer 2014
The inspiration comes from the eclectic, joyful spirit of California through the use of vivid prints and streamlined silhouettes.
Clover Canyon Pre Spring Summer 2014
The brand is a working collaborative drawing on their shared passion of travel and art. The team designs original prints which are fun and look great on. I love their pre Spring Summer 2014 collection.

White…. Sunday

White Fashion 2013
Today the sun was shining and I was working! I had a busy day and wanted to wear something that was easy but looked cool. Monotone ( 1 colour dressing) is a massive trend at the moment and can look effortlessly fashionable with really limited effort on your part, winner! I was torn between black or white but decided to go for white. Well it is still summer after all.

How To Wear Prints 2013

Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2013, Emilio Puci Pre S/S 2014, Derek Lam S/S 2013
Even thought the high street is re-stocking their shops with Autumn Winter wear, summer 2013 is long from over. With this amazing heat wave still turning blighty Britain into the new tropical sun seeking destination… well almost. You don’t want to be wearing knits or autumnal colours.
Ada’s Attic Summer Prints 2013
Prints for Summer 2013 are bold, bright and clashing. Go for lightweight layers and bright clashing hues and you will be the bell of any summer ball, garden party or well just about anywhere.

Return of the Blogger…..

Hello…. I am so sorry for my abrupt disappearance and quietness over the past 2 weeks. I was struck down with a severe case of the flu…. So bad that I lost my voice!! In all my 27 years I don’t think I have ever been quite for so long. I spent two very hot, virus wise, watching a lot of man VS food and the worse thing was I wasn’t even bored doing so, a true sign that I was sick. I also think that it was satisfying watching someone else eat when I couldn’t… strange I know. Anyway I am back, with my voice, and boy do I have some talking to make up for =D

Summer Sale… Last Day 70% Off!!

Ada’s Attic Vintage Boutique- Dip Dye Shirt Dress
Just a quick post today letting you all know that it is the last day of our summer sale on Asos Marketplace, we have reduced our prices by up to 70%! So don’t miss out on a bargain, check out what we have to offer now. But remember it pays to like our facebook page to as we offer regular promotions and discounts to our fans =D.

Elvis & Kress Ethical Fashion

Every now and again I, happily, stumble upon a brand that really does break the mould. Elvis and Kress offer high end luxury bags, Ipad cases & accessories made from high quality material that has been aged over periods off up to 30years. To make this all sound even better all the material is recycled!! Yep they make all of their products from reclaimed fire hoses, destined for the landfill, reclaimed coffee sacks & reclaimed military parachute silk lining, (anyone who played the parachute game when they were a kid when you threw it up and ran under it knows how soft, delicate and beautiful the silk is).
Elvis & Kresse Overnight Bag
They have been using reclaimed fire hoses since 2005 and have already saved over 200 tonnes, of what I think is beautiful material, which has its own history, from going into our landfills.
Elvis & Kresse MacBook Sleeve- Perfect for Coffee lovers
Price point I think is very reasonable and I LOVE the MacBook sleeve. Bags are well designed and come in a variety of classic bag shapes that you will be proud to carry on your shoulder. Also how cool is their name!!
See their full collection here;

Monotone Monday

Monotone- White Fashion 2013
Today I gave the Monotone trend ago and went all white. I add texture with lace inserts in the top and a splash of colour with necklaces. The look was completed with black nail varnish and minimal make-up & red lipstick. I loved wearing this outfit and will be going all white again!