The Art of Window Dressing

Window dressing is becoming more and more of a focus to brand across all market groups; High Street, High Fashion, Accessories and non fashion industries. They are the first thing that people, customers, see, it should tell you something about the brand and what you can expect to find inside the store, with the aim of drawing you inside.
Window Display are getting more and more creative, dramatic and artistic. Sometimes featuring no product in the window at all, this is most commonly seen with luxury brands that have an established, loyal customer base and who’s name conjures images in your head of what you will see in the store.
But what is the perfect balance between Art and Product? Selfridges, Havery Nicks, Libertys and Harrods are known to go all out for their window displays. High street brands such as Topshop, Next and Zara have whole teams dedicated to designing, implementing and updating their schemes all year round! So you know it must be a worth while to invest time and money, but not necessarily lots of it, into Window Displays.
Here are a few of my most favourite eye catching window displays, celebrating everything from Earth Day to the Olympics.




Christmas, sorry to say that word so early in the year, is the window that is the most extravagant, where you can see that everyone has let their in child come out to play.

 So are you a fan of all the extravagant window designs? Or do you prefer a plain simple window? I’d love to know