High Summer Fashion Adverts

Stella McCartney Summer 2013- Masculine Fashion Trend
Fashion Ads are an important part of the fashion industry and also away of getting inspiration for those days you just can’t decide what to wear. Here are a few of my favourites.
Mulberry Summer 2013
I love the combination of textures in this outfit and the whimsical background.

Alexander Wang Summer 2013

Wang has gone for two trends in one, block colours but this season is all about the same colour so white on whit on white etc and monochrome by showing a full white and full black outfit.


Ooooo LaLa

To celebrate the Spring heatwave were having, we thought we would share with you the new Spring Summer 2012 Fashion Ads. We hope the inspiration gets your outfit ideas going, If you are still struggling Keep your eye out for this week style Q&A.