My Vintage Ride

Spam VW Campervan
I spend A LOT of time driving and have been known to give the odd gesture when a car is on the motorway & driving at 50mph! IN THE MIDDLE LANE, I am not a happy bunny. However on the way home tonight a long que of traffic was forming in the slow lane, as I over took them, I saw the cause was a VW Camper van, instantly a HUGE smile came on my face and I found myself saying, out loud, soo cool, I love you, I am not exaggerating lol. It was from what I could tell a orange colour with sea creatures on the front coming down the side. I am not bothered about cars at all as long as it goes I couldn’t care less what I am driving, but a VW is different. I love the way people spend ages customising them to fit their own personality & lifestyle. They are an extension of you I believe, My boyfriend & I often joke that we should just spend our house deposit on one and live on the drive =D.
Here are some of my favourite VW camper van designs!
Cool Flower VW Camper van
Fire VW Camper van

This is properly what I’ll end up with =D

VW Camper van Side Cart