A Little Treat

Seeing that Summer has finally arrived and the Olympics has finally started we thought it was a bit of a shame that the Summer Sale ended. So were extending our sale, were not giving you 5% or 10% off not even 15% were giving you a massive 20% discount on everything we have in our boutique, just head over too https://marketplace.asos.com/boutique/adas-attic
So go and have a rummage around and find what treasure you can find for you summer holidays, night outs or just because you want to and you can! =D.
To take advantage just enter GoTeamGB discount code!
Oh and GO TEAM GB at the Olympics!

TREND ALERT- This Weeks Must Have

Denim Pencil Skirt!
TREND ALERT- Who wants to be “On Trend” When you can be waayyyy cooler and be ahead of it. Were predicting that Denim Pencil Skirts are going to be MASSIVE this Autumn Winter, they are also a great transitional piece for this beautiful weather were having. As we all know Pencil Skirts have been a massive trend which has been around for a few seasons, with denim making a huge come back this season- Anything denim goes, shirts, jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts, etc etc etc. The Denim Pencil Skirt is the PERFECT combination. Check it out!

How To… Make a Scrunchie!

Yes I said Scrunchie, the 80’s hair accessorie everyone wore, I remember my older sister teaching me and my little sister how to make them, we had one in every colour, and wore them all the time. I think the world is ready to see them again so i am going to show you how to make them.
What you will need-
*Thin elastic about 2cm wide roughly
*Material of your choice
*Sewing machine or needle and thread
*About 15 minutes

Lay out the fabric and draw a rectangle about 35cm long and 12cm wide. (This includes a 1cm wide panel at either side, which will become the seam: you can draw this in if you want.) Cut the shape out. Fold up one short edge by about 1.5cm and iron it in place.
Fold the fabric in half lengthways and pin it together along the long raw edge. Stitch along this edge with the sewing machine.

Cut the elastic to about 7.5cm and lay it along the stitched edge of the fabric at one end. Pin a safety pin to the other end of the elastic, leaving it hanging loose.
Stitch one short end of it to the end of the fabric. Carry on stitching the fabric until you’ve closed one end of the tube. Turn the tube inside out so the elastic is on the inside.

Pull the safety pin up to the open end of the tube (this will scrunch up the fabric).
Stitch the elastic in place at one end of the fabric, use a pin to hold in place to make it easier.

Tuck the raw edge of the tube into the folded edge and stitch them together.
And there you have it your very own handmade Scrunchie and her is a photo of them on Marc Jacobs Runway!

Its all in the…. detail

So what adds that extra something to make your outfit perfect, yep attention to detail. From the perfect print, to the detail embroidery to the fit of the clothing, it all counts and can make or break your outfit. One of the best things about buying and wearing vintage is that you don’t just get high quailty materials, such as silk and hand beaded tops, at affordable prices you are also garaunteed to have a one off piece, Perfect! Heres a few of our fav pieces for that extra bit of jazz, jazz hands everyone =D
Leather skirt! with stunning seam detail, oh did I say 100% REAL LEATHER!!!
Hand Beaded Sequin top, stunning detail on neckline and hem just beautiful, great for festivals, going out and holiday! A truly unique piece.
Love the print on this eye catching Pink Top….. AMAZING!


Sorry for the bad joke/title but I couldn’t resist. All over the country people, maybe even you, are graduating from uni in the coming days, weeks, months. Today I went to see my little sister graduate, from London College of Fashion, with a 2.1 in Footwear design, not bad hey. To add icing to the cake she is also working with Nike on a sustainability project, so as you can imagine I am a very proud sister at the moment.
Now enough of all the mushy stuff =) lets talk about fashion. As you can imagine it was quite a fashionable event, everything from shabby chic to just plain chic. One of the most popular looks for men were brogues, socks and skinny jeans rolled up, whilst the Ladies were rocking dresses, & high waisted mid length print skirts. So what will you be wearing to yours? Do not fear I am here to help, hear are some top tips to keep you looking effortlessly cool while you graduate.
Option 1- If only everything was Black & White
This monochrome printed dress is perfect for a graduation, with its loose silhouette, drop waist and pleated bottom it is flattering on all shapes. If you want to be centre of attention wear with black wedge high heeled ankle boots with cut out heel detail.
Option 2- Printed Sophistication
Make this pleated floral skirt even cooler by wearing it with lace, a trend that is hear to stay so learn to love it=). To complete the look wear with black patent sandals, like below, and a boxy cropped leather jacket! Oooo sooo chic!
Option 3- Lady like, with a twist…
This look will take you from graduation to party with no effort involved, with the cute cropped jumper, https://marketplace.asos.com/listing/jumpers/vintage-jumper/337707, worn with the sexy but ladylike leather skirt this is the perfect all rounder outfit. To finish off the look it has to be socks and sandals to give the impression butter wouldn’t melt… We know the truth 😉
And for all of the Gents out there the staple for your wardrobe is the printed polo shirt. Not only does it look great with jeans but it would look Dapper worn with a suit.

So now you all know what to wear I hope you all have a fantastic day. Today Chris Moore gave a speech as he was give an honouree degree for his lifetime of work a fashion photographer. I loved his speech, he came across as being very humble and funny, he said “never give up” and I really do believe that if you work hard that we can all achieve our dreams.

CONGRATULATIONS KATE! and everyone =D (sorry couldn’t help myself)

Style Icon…. Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry possibly the coolest every singer in living history, in my eyes anyway, I love her effortless laid back style that she worn in the 70’s and 80’s. I think she is a true style icon, but what makes a style icon? Well today, thanks to social media, anybody can become a style icon as long as you no how to dress and have an individual look that is unqiue to yourself. I’m not saying that you can’t buy off the high street just that you need to style it up. Below are a few of my fav pics of Debbie Harry.

From the Yellow dress to floral two-piece to the denim on denim outfits, if you were to wear any of them now they would look just as cool as they did in the 70’s! So cool

Couture Galore!

Well well Couture season is upon us again, and Givenchy has knocked it out of the park again! There are few shows that every outfit has taken my breath away! From the stunning eye wateringly beautiful designs down to the location of the photo shoot all finished off with a cute dog, this is my happy place!
So this can become your happy place to here are the photos… Enjoy!

So is this your new happy place? 

Escapism…. Foz Do Iguacu

Now you will be forgiven if you though this was a photo of your local canal with all the rain we have been having over the past couple of months, but it is actually Foz Do Iguacu the Brazilian side. The sheer force and power of this waterfall, the largest in South America, is unbelievable, the photo does it no justice.
There is a walkway that you can walk along which is at the base of the waterfall at the most powerful part Devils Peak. You came out pretty wet! Its amazing and even wetter than England!

Vintage Tennis

Fred Perry Wimbledon Winner
Did you know that a Brit has not reached the Wimbledon finals since the 1930’s, well put your Strawberries and Cream down, the Pimms will still be there when you have finished, and feast your eyes on some vintage Tennis outfits.
No half dressed Tennis players in the 30’s. The whole outfit was much more smarter and even tailored when comparing it to today’s outfits. I love how the guy above played wearing a Flat Cap, very English.

This Weeks Must Have…. Crochet!

I am loving Crochet at the moment, it is perfect for Summer, Festivals and it can be dressed up or down. It is also a great way to add a feminine touch to your outfit, if you pick the right piece you could end up adding a sexy twist.
This Crochet Skirt is stunning! It perfect for all occasions and I love it paired with a printed cropped top.
Massimo Rebecchi featured Crochet in his Spring Summer 2012 collection, they styled it with bright colours and clashing prints and it looks great! Let’s go and get our Crochet on!

I shall be wearing mine oversized, white, in vest top silhouette, with frayed vintage denim shorts and bright wedge block coloured sandals. All topped off with a Summer tan! Fingers crossed.