Elvis & Kress Ethical Fashion

Every now and again I, happily, stumble upon a brand that really does break the mould. Elvis and Kress offer high end luxury bags, Ipad cases & accessories made from high quality material that has been aged over periods off up to 30years. To make this all sound even better all the material is recycled!! Yep they make all of their products from reclaimed fire hoses, destined for the landfill, reclaimed coffee sacks & reclaimed military parachute silk lining, (anyone who played the parachute game when they were a kid when you threw it up and ran under it knows how soft, delicate and beautiful the silk is).
Elvis & Kresse Overnight Bag
They have been using reclaimed fire hoses since 2005 and have already saved over 200 tonnes, of what I think is beautiful material, which has its own history, from going into our landfills.
Elvis & Kresse MacBook Sleeve- Perfect for Coffee lovers
Price point I think is very reasonable and I LOVE the MacBook sleeve. Bags are well designed and come in a variety of classic bag shapes that you will be proud to carry on your shoulder. Also how cool is their name!!
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