The New 1950’s Lost Generation

Topshop Windows Summer 2013
The 1950’s are known for its rock n roll look and for the generation of the “teenager”, for all the wrong reasons. In the 50’s fashion was far far more limited that it is now, there was fashion for kids, and fashion for adults and nothing in between. Teenagers and mid twenty something’s dressed like there 50+ year old parents! Can you imagine shopping in the same shop as your Mum & Gran now?! I don’t think so. The 60’s gave way to teenage or young (18-30 fashion) as we know it now, however I have recently noticed a trend amongst some mid 20 year olds, they are starting to dress like their parents, wearing matchy matchy outfits with now sense of style or some might say identity. Now I know fashion is not life or death but it does matter on a subconscious level. Who would you rather sit next to on the bus the scruffy guy or someone who looks clean and well presented? Who would you give a job over the person who turned up in a dirty outfit or someone who made the extra effort? And the list goes on.

Topshop Windows Summer 2013

So I began to wonder way are people, my age, dressing like their parents? I think that it is a mix of two main reasons;

1. There is a saturation of fashion news, trend and the new latest must haves from blogs, mags, twitter, fb ….. That they have information over load and go for the “easy” option.

2. They feel that the fashion is too young for them and I can see why, from looking at the window displays on the high street now the windows do appeal to the younger teenagers, especially H&M’s neon window.

H&M Windows High Summer 2013

The solution you say? Well personally I think that fashion should be fun and make you feel confident, don’t worry about trends dress for yourself and you will soon find your personal style.