Escapism…. Uros Islands

Uros Islands- Peru

Uros Islands are floating islands which are hand made out of reeds. Everything is made using the same reeds, from the house, boats, to the islands themselves. There are a small amount of people still living on the islands, the women all dress in brightly coloured traditional clothing with hand embroidered details on them. The women spend all their time of the island while the men can leave to go back to the mainland to earn money and bring in food supplies, because of this the men’s dress has now become diluted with western style tracksuit bottoms and shoes. The main income for the islanders is tourism where you can buy a selection of there handmade products and even a hair pom pom if you fancy it.
Its so cool to see and its a strange sensation walking on the islands as they are very soft but you can’t feel them moving, that much.