James Long + Topman

James Long for Topman
I will admit it I do love Topshop, no one can deny that they are arguable one of the best high street store to translate catwalk trends to the high street. However the male counterpart is a bit err lacking, my boyfriend would never shop in Topman in his words “Its more like Topboy”, and I can see where he is coming from. The selection of stock is limited to mainly skinny skinny jeans, that rival mine, to tops that look like they have been shrunk, not very manly. I do see change on the horizon with a new collaboration with Topman and James Long, the knitwear designer.
The designer has been given full reign to craft a range of knitwear that heavily channels his own aesthetic: Punk-era yarns and bold updates on classic textures and silhouettes. Creating a grown up and a desirable collection that will attract a more mature and fashion forward crowd to Topman, something I feel that they are trying to do.

James Long For Topman

The collection was inspired by all of James Long’s favourite jumper-wearing men – Kurt Cobain, Keith Richards, The Sex Pistols… So not bad in the style stakes.

James Long For Topman
James was quoted saying “I do think knitwear is great for creating amazing colour combinations and making something new and modern. In the collection there are some new spins on classics like the engineered Aran, and everything was made in Britain which equals amazing quality”
James Long For Topman
Overall I think the collection is great and will appeal to a wide variety of people, I can even see women going into buy the knitwear- I’ll be there. I love that all of the collection was made in Britain. The collection is available to buy now.

James Long For Topman

Menswear Day 6 at LFW!

Whenever I go into shops I always feel sorry for Men, who usually have a small selection squeezed into the back corner. But after seeing what is on offer from the designers showing at London’s Fashion Week, I no longer have any sympathy! Guys you are being spoiled. From cool classic cuts to crazy out there wacky prints, layers and simple styling you have everything on offer to you that us women do. Enjoy!

E.Tautz A/W 2012

Strong Simple Silhouettes, classic style.
James Long A/W 2012

A more casual, boho inspired collection. A modern Kurt Cobain style.
Lou Dalton A/W 2012

Again a classic, understated collection with a vintage twist.
Man A/W 2012

A very out there, in your face collection, with some interesting use of colour, print and silhouette.
Matthew Miller A/W 2012

A collection that has both the wardrobe staples and the more fashion lead pieces.
Oliver Spencer A/W 2012

Classic, cool and very manly!
Rake A/W 2012

This collection is for your modern day man who likes to look like he was from a year gone by. A man’s man collection, sexy!