Festival Fashion Lookbook Part Two!

Festival Fashion Lookbook
Part two of our festival fashion lookbook. 80’s knitwear is a festival must and I think combining structure sleeveless tailored jacket with a soft white t-shirt dress makes a great festival look. 
Festival Fashion Lookbook


Festival Fashion How To

Festival Fashion Ada’s Attic Lookbook
Festivals aren’t just about the music anymore they are also a fashion show. Where everyone tries to show how cool, laid back and fashionable (without trying) they are. The key to getting the enviable festival fashion look is to not try too hard. At the end of the day you will be sleeping and getting ready in a tent unless your glamping and missing out on the fun. When I think festival I think fun, hippy and just chilling out! So I pack, denim shorts, oversized knits, mini dresses, trainers and funny T-Shirt, things that look good creased and aren’t to fancy. What ever look you decide to rock make sure you have as much fun as possible! You only live once!! =D

Festival Fashion Ada’s Attic Lookbook

Embrace The 80’s Sports Jacket

They are shiny, bold, brash and in your face, they usually feature a mix of clashing colours in a questionable shiny fabric. They don’t keep us warm or cool but they are handy for keeping the wind at bay. They have the power to make people smile and others to wretch in disgust, yes you got it I am talking about the 80’s Sports Jacket.
No other item of clothing brings such a vivid image to my mind as the 80’s sports jacket, and I am quite happy to see that they are making a comeback. I personally love their bright colours and wind breaking ability, I love that I smile every time I see my reflection whilst wearing one and laughing at others people reactions too. I think they sum up the 80’s perfectly… Big, Bold and Colourful.
In my eye they are the perfect festival jacket… making you easily found by your friends ;D, element of wipe clean and all in all lots of fun! Now who said Fashion isn’t fun?

Festival Fashion

With summer in the air and the hum on lawn mowers everywhere I can almost smell the summers festivals. There is nothing better than standing in a field and watching your fav DJ’S and bands play your fav tunes! Love it! There are soooo many great festivals on as well all over Europe were really spoilt. Here are my favs and some budget outfits, who want to spend a fortune on an outfit anyway =).
Hideout Festival Croatia- http://www.hideoutfestival.com/
29th June- 1st July 2012

High Lights-
Chase & Status
Annie Mac
Sub Focus
Erol Alkan
Andy C
1 week of Sun and awesome music in a stunning location and if that wasn’t enough the tickets only cost £99 FOR THE WHOLE EVENT!! BARGAIN!! Not surprisingly then that they have all sold out.
For a effortlessly cool laid back festival like this I’d keep clothing low key, denim shorts, bikinis, cute over-sized tees or a dropped armhole if you can find one.

This stunning beaded top has a scooped neckline on the front and back, its cool and quirky with out looking like you have tired to hard, and its only £24.99!

Sonar Festival- Spain- http://www.sonar.es/en/2012/
14th June- 16th June

Hight Lights-
Lana Del Ray
An electronic festival which has day events which is focused on looking for new talent and a night event which is all about established acts, and how electronic music interacts and works with other genres.
I went a few years ago and saw Blondie, The Verve and Kings of Leon, and amazing festival which is getting more and more popular.


This bright pink shirt is great for festivals, its eye catching and will go with anything! Wear with denim shorts, the frayed the better, and cute gladiator sandals. The best thing is its only £14.99!

Bestival Festival- UK- http://2012.bestival.net/
6th Sept- 9th Sept

Stevie Wonder
Emeli Saunde
Scratch Perverts
A fantastic mash of all thing creative, music, art, fashion…. This is the hippie festival of the 21st Century, be as cool as you want or as crazy wacky out there full fancy dress as your imagination will let you. There’s no limits and the music line up is AWESOME!!!! Ah just so good I’m getting goose bumps thinking about it!


What happens at Bestival stays at Bestival, well and on facebook! Part of the appeal and fun at this festival is fancy dress, let you imagination run free, this sequined dress is sure to catch an eye or two. It will look great worn with ankle wellies, glow stick necklaces and face paint galore.
Ahhh I’m sooooooooo excited!!!