The Art of Procrastination


One downside to the Internet is that it is sooo easy to get distracted; one thing can quite easily lead to another. From the many social media sites that I use, twitter, Pinterest, Independent Fashion Blogger etc. to updating my Facebook page & Asos boutique an hour online can seem like 5 minutes.

My friend, who is currently studying for an MA in information management, is doing her dissertation on how “information overload” is affecting our concentration levels and how each generation is affected by it- parents to kid, who have grown up with it all their lives’. For example I have been up since 7.30 this morning, the 1st thing I did was check my emails- all 4 accounts, on my phone. I then went onto Pinterest… Seeing that I have now been up for over 5 hours, which is a third of an average working day, I haven’t really achieved anything I set out to do, ok I have been in the shower & done my daily yoga session- also on my phone- but I don’t think that really counts??

I know I am not the only one to get lost in the online world, from all the useful websites that I look at, that have the same distracting attributes- I have spent about 2 hours reading Independent Fashion Bloggers articles. I have decided enough is enough, however much I love these sites I need to use them in a more mindful way.

Time Management Ideas-

1, I am going to change the setting in which I sit down to do work online- I am now going to use the dining room as my “office”. I have previously done this and it has benefited my work output levels.

2. I will complete a task before I start another one, allowing myself to have only one website/page open at one time.

3. I will continue to make “To do list’s” not just because I love the satisfaction it gives me to tick something off, but it helps me to remember everything & prioritise what I need to do.

4. Accept that I do not have time to do everything that I want to do in 24 hours… and that I cannot live without sleep…. or Coffee.

If you have any time saving ideas or you also get distracted online please say hello-