Demi Couture…. Or Return of the String Vest

Vionnet Demi-Couture 2013
Vionnet the couture label has decided to try and make couture fashion more accessible, as couture fashion in today’s economic climate is sometimes seen as excessive & unnecessary. Prices for couture dresses range from tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands pounds! Making them inaccessible to most of us.
So they have decided to release of collection, of what they’re calling demi-couture, dresses. Still trying to capture the drama, beauty and intricacies of couture fashion, but at more affordable price points.

Vionnet Demi-Couture 2013

Prices now start at £2000, which almost seems cheap… 😉 Prices have been cut buy only carrying out one fitting on a model and offering the dresses in standard size, eg 8, 10, 12 etc instead of made to measure. They are also offering different colour ways on all their designs so that customers and customise their dresses like they would do for Haute Couture. Vionnet is also only selling one colour way in a city so you can still rest easy knowing that no one else will have the same dress as you.

Vionnet Demi-Couture 2013

I LOVE couture fashion, it’s one of the collections I get most excited about seeing as I feel that it is magical & designers have completely let their imaginations run wild. However I see it more as art than fashion.

Vionnet Demi-Couture 2013
The collection that Vionnet has released in OK… With some beautiful pieces and some that remind me of a String Vest… Yes I did have one. The collection is available to order online at Harrods now.

Vionnet Demi-Couture 2013

Quality Fashion At Affordable Prices

Ask anyone who knows me I love a bargain, I love saving my money and spending it on items that aren’t always the cheapest but something that uses quality materials and skilled workmanship. When I do find something that catches my eye I justify it like this…

On average I say I am going to wear something 52 times a year, or once a week, so I divide the cost by 52 to get the price per wear,
So for example……
This amazing White Faux Fur Coat which you will love wearing at winter for years and years is £125 divided by 52 is £2.40 Per Wear.. Bargain!
This classic black Leather mid length jacket is a wardrobe staple and at £39.99 is great value but divided by 52 is 76p!!!!! Per Wear
This eye catching vintage designer lace dress, which wouldn’t look out of place at Claridges, is just beautiful and priced at £79.99 divided by 52 is £1.53!!–black-lace-baroque-dress/636924
 I think you get the jist of the idea =D what else will you use this handy tip on?