Cool Camping

Classic VW Camper Van as a tent… Amazing!
After spend yesterday on the beach with Cake, Coffee (brewed using a camping stove) and a tent it has made me realise how much fun you can have with a tent. After spending the best part of 3 months camping whilst travelling around Australasia, where I had no choice but to learn to love camping, I now find myself saying, lets go camping! I know I am shocked too, with the festival season still in full swing a lot of you must be thinking about camping, or what I like to call tenting, so here are a few of my favourite tents I have found.
Nightwatch- Save The Wild Tiger’s Tent- Field Candy
Tenting either at music festival, for holiday or even having one pitched up in your back garden for the duration of summer is a no brainer. Be free, have fun and forget about your smart phone, Ipad, GHD’s, tablet, netbook, laptop, emails and work….. Be a kid again! I love it =D
Men Only Tent- Field Candy

Field Candy offer and outstanding range of fun designs with environmental causes benefiting from you buying the, like the save wild tiger tent above. For more information and designs check out there website-
This is NOT a sponsored post I just really like their tents =D