Rainy Days in…

After being outdoors all summer, we are shocked by the rainy day that it is today!
But here at Fashionmould we have the perfect solution….DVDS, films that we love and are truly beautiful.
Fashion Moulds top 5 films….

1) Virgin Suicides, this is a beautifully filmed film with a great plot. Kristen Dunst also gives an award winning performance….

2) Leon for a little bit of action with a sense of the canny….
3) For our 3rd we are going back to the classics…were Rita showed us how classic the little Black Dress is! The only sad part is after the film Gilda she claimed all men went to bed with Gilda and woke up with her…                                  
4) This next film is from one of our favourite actors…Mr Ryan Gosling, not only an amazing actor but also very nice on the eyes…this film is for boys and girls an all round favourite! We love Ryan because of the films he chooses to star in from the notebook(girl fav!!!), drive, All good things, lars and the real girl, the ideas of march, blue valentine but last but not least his role in a comedy…Crazy Stupid Love

5) For number five we have this heart touching film, which shows how communities pull together. Client Eastwood shows his softer side in this epic film with a heart breaking end…Grand Torino
Hope you enjoyed our movie countdown, if you’d like to tell us yours, feel free to email us on fashion mould@gmail.com. We would love to know your favourites and what you thought of ours!