A Day IN Shopping?!

Ok Ladies so who hasn’t spent the best part of the weekend shopping with the mates, spending hours walking around the shops, having to stop for refreshment along the way, and spending a small fortune to find out that your mate, the one that didn’t come, already has (and is wearing the same) outfit you just spent all day buying. Well fear no more with thanks to Mallzee you can create your own personalised shopping mall. You pick your favourite brands & high street stores then the fancy software on the Mallzee site finds products matching your personal style and it then showcases them in your mall!
It takes all the stress out of trying to find something to wear but you can also browse your friends wardrobe ensuring that you will never turn up in the same outfit as your mate again! You can still enjoy the social aspect of shopping by using Facebook Chat and creating polls.
Currently there is over 200 stores signed up including Urban Outfitters, Miss Selfridges and Office, not a bad choice hey. The best thing though about Mallzee is that everytime you or anyone shops at “your” mall, you get paid! Yep your getting to paid to shop in the comfort of your own home in your pjs! Ace hey. The site is yet to launch but from the sample pictures it looks like it will be user friendly. I can’t wait for the site to launch and to create my own mall! Could this be a shopping revolution? Everyones invited to my mall, I could do with the extra cash ;D
To check it out go to http://mallzee.com/

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