Irving Penn

Irving Penn
I remember looking at Irving Penns work whilst I was at college, what I like about his work were the subtle differences, that set him apart from other photographers, the left wires you could see and the rough but at the same time luxurious finish to the photos. I also loved how he would collect things that he would find on the street and the photograph them turning the unwanted into the admired and maybe even the wanted must have item.
Irving Penn
Irving Penn
The last image is from Penns “Findings” collection of work, did you notice straight away that they were fag ends?

Findings By Irving Penn

Trick or Treat

Craig McDean Vogue Paris April 2006
So as you are all a wear its Halloween tomorrow, I am currently reading Carine Roitfeld Irreverent, more on that soon, and found these beautiful Wedding images. I know I mentioned Halloween but the use of the red and the masks give the images a slightly haunted feel to them. I love them and think they are the ULTIMATE Halloween outfits =D


Craig McDean Vogue Paris April 2006
Craig McDean Vogue Paris April 2006

Made in England

I touched on British made goods a couple of months ago when I was watching the Mary Portas programme about bring manufacturing back to Britain, she made some lovely pants. I am a massive fan of British made goods, I do believe that the “Made in England” tag carries with it a seal of quality in craftsmanship, materials and also you can rest easy knowing that no child has made it in some sweatshop.
I have recently stumbled across a beautiful hand made jeweller who has been making jewellery in England for 50 years, they also stock a collection of designer jewellery and watches aswell, not bad hey.
Personally I prefer understated jewellery for the every day and then I like to make a big statement for special occasions. I also still like to be individual so these Glass Trollbeads are perfect for wearing everyday- You can choose to stack them up or just wear 2 or even 1 at a time. Personally I would wear this one on a long chain.
I love the strange texture the TrollBeads have paired together with the beautiful designs I think they are a winner! =D

For my evening look, I would go for something like this Silver Narrow Cuff by George Jensen. I love this bracelet I would look great worn day or night but imagine how cool this would look worn with a cute dress! Amazing- Antony if you are reading =D

Another great bracelet is this one by Rachel Gallery, Delicate yet a bit rough, exactly what I like =D.

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Amazing Art-itechture

House’s of Parliament London

People who think that Architecture isn’t a form of Art are wrong. I believe it is the perfect mix or Art, Imagination, Science & construction all working together to create beautiful buildings.

I prefer old Architecture myself, and her are some of my favourite British Pieces.

Romam Bath’s In Bath.

Castel Howard North Yorkshire
Broadway Tower is a Folly


The Coolest Nail Art EVER!

Art can come in all shapes and sizes, and to continue this weeks unintended Art theme, I want to show you Alice Bartlett Nail Art. Aptly titled “The World At Your Finger Tips”, she came up with the idea after covering here nails in a green textured flocking, after a bit more imagination and a trip to the toy model shop she created these miniature park scenes on her nail’s! So cool but not very practical I think, but who cares when it looks this good someone else can make dinner! =D

Street Art

I love street art, the creativity of it and the ability to make me and, I would say, 99% of its viewers smile or even notice it. The setting makes the art stand out even more, with the skill of the artist not going un-recognised. I have just stumbled across Mark Jenkins work. He uses everything from hanger to packaging tape to make his pieces, showing that the only limitations are your imagination! Check out a few of my favourite pieces. To see his full collection of work go to


Dry Rain!?!


I hate the rain, especially when I am going out- I have VERY curly/frizzy hair, which if not straightened everyday looks like I have electrocuted myself, not the look I am trying to achieve. So as you can imagine the rain pays hell with it. However I do love the sound of rain on the roof when I am tucked up in bed, or if I am properly dressed for wet weather and heading back home, it feels liberating getting socked through. Tropical rain is amazing, so hot its like bath water! I am sure you are wondering, if you are still reading this, why I am yammering on about rain. Well random international have designed a way for us to experience rain, with its soothing patters and comforting scent, without getting wet. It is as if, we are controlling the weather, the force of nature that should be so beyond us. The installation has been designed ‘to extract interesting behaviour’ from us. I think it looks amazing and really want to experience it. What do you think?
The installation can be found at the Barbican Gallery in the Curve Room.

Maison Martin Margiela @ H&M

Oh my good one of my favourite fashion houses have collaborated with H&M.
MMM are known for their deconstructed shapes, exaggerated proportions and strong use of colour, and their range form H&M has lived up to the mark. Ladies we can expect oversized masculine jackets, loose fitting trousers, “folded” outwear inspired by Origami and dresses that loosely drape across the body.

Chaps you have not been forgotten, with pieces ranging from sharp tailoring and eye catching outerwear, one coat comes in white with shearling detailing and another in two-tone grey and brown check.
The full collection will launch in H&M stores on November 15.

My love affair with designer & high street collaborations had started to wain, it seemed like everyone was jumping on the band waggon, but this collection really looks great and that al ot of attention to detail has been paid to all element, just look at the look-book shoots I love the campaigne shoot at the top, the one in the white coat with the bird! I will be in the Que! =D

Warm Up at Whites

You have just woken up and your sleepy, cold and sad that its not yet Friday? Well why not add one of these colourful and cool, but warm =D, jumpers to your Autumn wardrobe, putting the spring back into your step at the same time!
1st up Mochino Patchwork Jumper, its loose silhouette and colourful patchwork design is great. The V neck sweater is key for this season and looks great layered up. Its available at Whites Boutique
Next is this cream zip sweater, check it out at A classic design livened up with the zip on the neckline, perfect! This will never date.
Want to do the 90’s trend but not sure how? Then this is the jumper is for you! The Moschino Run sweater,, from Whites Boutique.
Check out Whites Boutique full collection of awesome sweaters at
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