MACHU PICCHU- Peru South America

Ahhh Machu Picchu, Ahhh the Inca Trail! We did the classic trip which was 4 day 3 Nights long, camping and hiking along the Inca Trail, It might not be everyone’s idea of fun but its one of the best things I have EVER done! The sights and the history are amazing. Its not easy though as its at high altitude, you could say I struggled slightly- 
Day 1- Hit head gave myself concussion
Day 2- Had to be given oxygen twice! 
Day 3- The “Gringo Killers” are called that for a reason!
Day 4- So happy and proud I made it I cried, and I got to see the photo above! Which believe me doesn’t do it any justice, Machu Picchu is literally built on top of a mountain sounded by mountains, amazing! Well done Incas!