I’m Back!

That’s right I am back, after an amazing 5 day break in Rome I feel refreshed and inspired. I have literally just stepped off the plane and wanted you all to know I am back. I have seen relics to vintage clothing to vintage cars and alot of espresso bars. I have, over indulged, in pizza, pasta & Gelatto (you can never have to much coffee can you?) I feel recharged and ready to go. I will share all of my stories with you over the next few days, so for tonight Ciao =D 

Ciao Bella

I am going on a research trip to Italy, Rome, to be precise to see what vintage gems I can find for you over there. Whilst I am away, my boutique will stay open but parcels won’t be sent out until the 16th May, all parcels will go 1st class so you will have them for that weekend. If you would like to receive your new buy before this weekend I need to have you order before 3pm Friday the 10th May.
Whilst I’m away I will be keeping my eyes pealed for;
Vintage Gems,
The New Pope,
The Sistine Chapel,
Cute Dogs and anything else, when I get back I will share all of my finds with you.
Sorry that “Travel Week” has been a massive let down, I have not had enough hours in the day… If only a day was 48hrs I would then have time to do everything & sleep!

Escapism- Young & Free

Today I am going to reminice about when I went traveling around Spain & Italy just after graduating Uni.
Sunset in Ibiza

I went on holiday to Ibiza with 20 of my mates, an unbelievable holiday that makes me smile just thinking about it. The live DJ set we saw were out of this world and the clubs were amazing, best night hands down was Space with Green Velvet and Carl Cox playing AMAZING! The feeling of pure excitement and enthusiasm and not a care in the world. After all I had worked hard at Uni for the past 3 years and I had got a 2.1 class degree so I was pretty happy to say the least.

After Ibiza Myself and Lizzy headed to Barcelona & Madrid. Where we experienced the familia sargidia, 40 degree heat, beaches and sleepless nights in airports. We also went to the Sonar music festival in Barcelona, which was great.

After scoring a free flight back to the UK, I decided that I would tag along with my little sisters travels and we spent a month backpacking around Italy using the Eurorail to get around. Looking back on it now the only real planing I did was buying a Lonely Planet guide- Europe on a Shoestring lol. Whilst in spain we went where ever the cheapest flight took us, something I had always wanted to do, and what I do now if I just want a cheap break. Why not hey whats the worse that can happen.