Puppy, Dog & Hound……

 Got you intrigued didn’t I =D, unfortunately I am not talking about dogs, have you been watching For The Love Of Dogs with Paul O’Grady? I am in-fact talking about different dog tooth prints.
Gucci Autumn Winter 2013 Hound & Dog Tooth Print

 The smallest is obviously Puppy, Dog is the middle one and then Hound is the largest. A little unknown fact that I should share with you all.

Gucci Hound & Puppy Tooth Print Autumn Winter 2013

Nailed IT

So the unthinkable happened yesterday, I forgot my password and managed to lock myself out of all my Google linked accounts, so that’s why didn’t post yesterday. Thankful after a much need sleep my brain is back to full working order and I have managed to sort it out.
Nail Colour Trends 2013
I was fancying a new nail colour yesterday so nipped into town to see what I could find, I was drawn to barely there colours in muted tones and metallic. Both trends which have been seen on the catwalks for 2014. In the end I couldn’t make up my mind and left without buying a single one. But I did have one multi toned nail ( can’t really say colour can I?) And what I think could be a new trend, I am going to call it the “Artist Palette” as it reminds me of when a painter is mixing colours. What do you think?

The New Balance- Fashion + Function!?

Fashion Trainer Trend 2013
I have never been a girl to kill my feet for “fashion” I have also always been taller enough not to have to ever wear heels, even though sometimes I would quite like to. But now fashion has taken the comfy route… Yep Trainers are once again cool to wear. The brand of choice at the moment is New Balance, I had a pair I wore in the gym years ago! I love New Balance Trainers as they are the perfect mix of fashion & function- Great choice of colours & Comfy to wear etc, to add the cherry to the cake they are also made in Britain! Woop Woop.
New Balance Trainers 2013
A huge smile comes across my face whenever I see a smartly dressed well preened women with a pair of these amazing trainers on. It looks effortless cool and extremely stylish.

Fashion Trainer Trend 2013
Colours you say? Well it depends on your style really if you want to stand out and be bang “on trend” ( I feel dirty for even saying that) then go for eye popping Neon’s, for a more longevity in your trainers go for a more subtle grey/ black base colour with Neon Highlights. This is yet another kick back from the 90’s Trend which is here to stay.
Right so where did I leave my gym bag….. 4 years ago!

The Best Thing I Ever Did….. Leave

Salt Flats Bolivia

 3 years ago now my boyfriend & I decided to leave…. well go travelling, he had been made redundant but had found another job and I just decided to quit mine. We decided almost on a whim where we wanted to go and both, luckily, wanted to go to the same places. Antony was going out 2 months before me to work on the national parks in America; I was staying here to earn a bit more money, as we weren’t planning on working whilst we were away. So I bit the bullet and moved back in with my Mum & commuted two hours a day to work, to try and save as much money as possible. 

We made it! Machu Pichu

 Booking our round the world tickets was one of the most exciting things I/we had ever done,(until we went away of course), and we celebrated with a much earned beer. I was 24 & Antony was 28 when we went away, and we both agree that it was the best thing we have both ever done. 

Ice Crevice Franz Josef Glacier

We had a loose itinerary and did most our research online for America, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil & Argentina. In total we spent 1 month together in America, doing Vegas was the highlight for me. The next 2 & half months were spent in South America where we did the Inca Trail, Slow Boat down the Amazon, The Bolivian Salt Flat & San Pedro Prison. Christmas & new year were spent in Rio where we dressed like locals all in white and gave offerings of brightly coloured flowers to the sea, we Samba the nights away, ate Acai to our hearts were content, we witnessed the energy of a new developing country. After Rio we moved to Ilha Grande a tropical island the reminded us of Lost, we hike the island, got caught out in tropical storms with water rising to our knees (we are both over 6tf!), running from the thick tropical rainforest onto the most beautiful if not wet desert beach I have ever seen, we thankfully caught the last boat back to the main part of the island, there are no timetables here, after shouting and running into the sea. In Argentina we experienced how nice and welcoming the locals were the force of Foz De Igagzu, got a taste for local wines in Mendoza on the famous bike tours and took part in siestas. Chile was a fleeting stop only in Santiago before we flew to New Zealand.

The Routeburn Track
Our Australasian journey started with 2 months in New Zealand starting in Auckland and finishing in Christchurch. We well and truly used our hiking boots by doing the Routeburn, Abel Tasman, Franz Joseph & Tongariro crossing. We camped for almost two thirds of our time there to save as much money as possible, really noticing the price difference to South America. In hind sight we both agreed that 6 weeks would have been more than enough time here and we would have spent the other 2 weeks in South America as there was soooo much we didn’t have time to do.

Terrance The Beast
The next 4 weeks were spent going from Sydney to Cairns, again on a tight budget we used relocation websites to find campervans and cars that needed to be moved up the coast conveniently to the places we wanted to go. This was by far the best way to travel as we diverted as much as we wanted and had a great time seeing places they don’t take you on buses. 4 weeks were enough to do the East Coast, and we found Australia extremely expensive, a bunch of bananas were £13!!! They grow them too! We did however get up close and personal with Kangaroos & went snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, one of my life ambitions.

Rice Paddies Of Sapa

The next 4 months were spent traveling around South East Asia. Our senses were bought back to life with almost overwhelming combinations of sights, colours, smells and sounds. Food became colourful again and our first meal in Singapore, Indian Curry eaten off banana leaves with locals, was so good I can almost taste it now. We had basically spent 3 months living of instant noodles, value bread and instant soup in Australasia. We spent 3 days in Singapore enjoying the Eastern and Western influences and feasting on amazing cheap, colourful & delicious food.

Sunset from our £5 per night beach hut in Thailand

Malaysia was our next stop, where we went to Kuala Lumpur and spent 3 days there, we stayed in a hostel which cost £2 each per night, located right next the one of the biggest markets in Asia quite a feat. We grew to like the hostel but to begin with I refused to touch anything and slept on a large scarf I had been using as a beach towel. Tioman Islands were our next destination; the island is STUNNING with white sand secluded beaches, no cars and no electricity. We enjoyed great cheap food, cheap accommodation and snorkelling, straight of the beach, to our heart was content. Penang a foody heaven was our next stop we weren’t over keen but it was a good base to get our Thai visas and to get into Thailand.


Elephant Ride In Cambodia- We made sure they were well looked after.
On arrival into Thailand we went straight to Koh Phangan for the full moon party. We decided we didn’t want to stay near the main strip as it was meant to be dirty and expensive. Instead we went to Hada Salad beach and found the most amazing beach huts right on the beach. The huts consisted of a double bed, bathroom and balcony with a hammock, it cost us £2.50 each per night, a bargain for amazing beach views and perfect peace. Our days before the full moon party were spent snorkelling and sun bathing uninterrupted and peaceful. The full moon party in my eyes was over rated with just a stupid mix of western teenagers & 20somethings getting stupidly drunk. But that’s just my opinion.


Angkor Wat Cambodia
The main highlights of our Asian experience were the Angkor Wat temples & Elephant ride in Cambodia and the laidback beach life & Captain Chims great food in Shilankovilla. Vietnam was a busy loud and bustling yet intriguing country with many great and beautiful places to see, we spent a month here but hiking in Sapa and our tour of Ha Long Bay were my favourite activities. Laos is the opposite of Vietnam; it is quiet, peaceful but just as intriguing. We saw stunning temples and even got caught in a landslide on top of a mountain, a point where I really thought our luck had run out, we spent around 2 & half weeks in Laos and felt very relaxed for it. The remaining two weeks we spent getting ourselves back to Bangkok for our return flight home. Our 1st experience of Bangkok was not great and we weren’t looking forward to returning, but we upgraded to accommodation with AC! (The 1st time in 4 very hot and sweaty months) thanks to a very lovely Christmas present from my Mum. It was also rainy season so the city was actually starting to look cleaner and was less busy. The notorious Koh San Road became our base for our last 4 days where we explored the area went to a roof top bar in our “best” clothes and just savoured our last few days of our epic journey.

Vietnamese Food.. All This for £5!

All in all we spent £10,000 each that’s including our round the world ticket.

We went to 14 countries in 10 months.

 We had the most amazing adventure and talk about it every day, even two years down the line. It is without the best decision I ever made and I think Antony would agree with me too. We have so many great memories that we can look back and think yes we actually did do all of that!
Me Feeling Very Tall In Sapa Vietnam

The two questions that I get asked the most are; would you do it again?

Yes I would love to do it again but probably for no longer than 6 months.

What was your favourite Country?

Almost impossible to choose from but my favourite continent was South America, I would love to go back to learn Spanish properly and hope to do so before or for my 30th Birthday!

The Best Auction Ever!!

Diana Veerland Wardrobe will go for auction on the 25th June at Kerry Taylor Auctions. The former editor of American Vogue, who’s impecible taste focused on timeless, discreet style which was characterised by her love of luxurious, high quality, classics will make the auction almost unmissible. The collection was donate by a close friend of Veerland and includes YSL and ivory art-deco cigarette holder that was immortalised in a portrait by Cecil Beaton. 
Oh boy I would LOVE to be at that auction!

London Collection: Men’s

London Collection Mens
London Collection Mens is in full swing with the best of Men’s fashion design showing their newest collections, from established designers such as McQueen & Savile Row to New up and coming designers such as Diego Vanassibara & Lee Roach. Quite clearly putting London firmly on the Menswear map.
The above short fashion film is a perfect example of how a well produced film can bring fashion to life and leave you wanting more.

High Summer Fashion Adverts

Stella McCartney Summer 2013- Masculine Fashion Trend
Fashion Ads are an important part of the fashion industry and also away of getting inspiration for those days you just can’t decide what to wear. Here are a few of my favourites.
Mulberry Summer 2013
I love the combination of textures in this outfit and the whimsical background.

Alexander Wang Summer 2013

Wang has gone for two trends in one, block colours but this season is all about the same colour so white on whit on white etc and monochrome by showing a full white and full black outfit.


Wedding Guest Style

Vintage Jacques Vert Two Piece Suit
Yes it is that time of the year again when the bells are ringing and the wedding guest start to panic. Well worry no more I am on hand to help, summer weddings in England can be unpredictable… to hot to cold to wet…. and the list goes on. I think that the two piece is the best option not only does it look AMAZING they are also extremely fashionable right now, cute and can be worn again after the wedding. So all round winner then. Above and below are just to options for you, the pale pink Jacques Vert option is perfect for a more formal wedding it can be dressed up even more with great heels and chunky earrings and rings the bigger the better. The 70’s floral two piece below is perfect for the Hippy slightly more casual wedding, again it would look more dressed up with some heels but leave jewellery delicate as the print does the speaking here.

Safe Fashion

Selfridges White Window 2013

Have you noticed how all the shops on the high street seem to be selling the same thing? Monochrome is everywhere as was a sea of grey windows last season. All White fashion is now de rigour for window display as it is everywhere on the high street from Next to Topshop. When I have been looking around the high street I find myself struggling to get excited and sometimes differentiate between stores as everyone is selling the same thing. I think this is because of the economic climate, yes we are told every day that we are, slowly, coming out of recession but clothing companies don’t want to take a risk is producing masses of stock just for it to go into the sale.
Topshop Birmingham White Windows Summer 2013
Times like this see subcultures and independent labels flourish, subcultures want to break away from the main stream and use fashion as an expression of their angst. Independent labels are more flexible and there for able to adapt and produce smaller quantities with less risk so are able to tap into subculture and the newest street fashion trends. The 90’s saw the rise of the Punks who adopted the safety pin which was then turned from cheap commodity into high fashion by Dolce & Gabbana on “that” safety pin dress. With DIY fashion tutorials on youtube and programmes such as the Great British Sewing Bee, which was on Channel 4 earlier this year I see this starting to happen again. People are becoming more open to having ago at making something themselves or at the very least customising something that have bought from the high street. Vintage fashion is gaining more followers and popularity every day with people who want high quality materials, great unique off design and mostly INDIVIDUALISM at a fraction of the cost of the high street. High street chains are noticing this trend and are beginning to offer limited edition dresses for double the cost of their normal collection, but I know what I would prefer. I am looking forward to seeing what next season has in store for us… not that I am wishing the summer away.
Do you think fashion has become safe? What are you yearning to see on the high street? Or Do you completely disagree with me? I would love to know xx