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How To Do Catwalk Fashion On The High Street For Spring 2013

Alexander McQueen Spring 2013
If you want to get ahead you need to stand out from the crowd, with the affectionate term called Peacock Dressing, designers went big, bold & bigger & bolder still to ensure their Peacock Plumes with the most puffed & memorable yet. 

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2013

With 5 years of economic uncertainty & recession a designer outfit must really tempt you to spend your money with its beauty, colour & creativity, or risk end up in the sale sin bin. The boom in Peacock style to can be linked to the continuous rise in internet shopping, where black basics look dull & lack lustre online. Colourful prints & interesting details and sculptural shapes make for far more appealing images, so are much more shopable.

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013

Even wardrobe basics such as jumpers have had a Peacock make-over. I advise choosing one with an interesting print, pattern or embellishment even taking it so it’s borderline ugly… I also love mixing really smart pieces with casual items. If you fancy doing a Peacock then you could just try adding coloured trousers to your wardrobe, if you fancy puffing up all of your feathers though, then try mixing primary colours together for a fresh and I think exciting Spring Summer 2013 wardrobe =D

Ada’s Attic- Vintage Boutique

For a more affordable Peacock Outfit inspiration check out the above image, featuring bold pink bomber jacket and floral print scarf- all key aspects for this trend.

21st Century Dandies

Sapeurs- Gentlemen of Congo
Dandies no longer just exist in English history book and novels. They now strut their stuff on the streets of Shanty Towns, in small suburbs of Brazzaville in Congo. Dressed to the nines in Bowler hats and tailored suits the group of cigar-wielding men act as self appointed etiquette ambassadors of the town. These dedicated fashion followers have become a regular sight on the streets and have even earned themselves a specific name- Sapeurs.
Sapeurs- Gentlemen of Congo
Sapeurs- Gentlemen of Congo

Men’s Suits In 2013

3 Piece Suit

Before this year had already begun Antony & I had already been invited to 5 weddings! No better time to invest in a new suit for Antony, I LOVE 3 piece suits and think that they not only look great for more formal occasions such as weddings but also in the office. Here is a selection of my favourite 3 piece suits, Antony I hope you are reading=)

1. Classic Tweed- This screams English Gent; I prefer darker shades and a subtle Tweed Print, wear with plain shirts in muted shades- white, blue, grey etc.

3 piece formal suit
2. Black- Classic colour that will ALWAYS look good, you can add colour with shirts & ties, however I like to stick with a white shirt.

3. Navy Blue- This is a great alternative to Black. It is still a smart colour that will look great for years, this looks great worn with coloured & patterned shirts.
How to do suits 2013


You pay for what you get when it comes to a suit, you can tell a cheap suit from a mile away. Saying that though you can get a decent suit for a couple of hundred pounds from high street retailers which can then be altered to fit you perfectly. If you invest more money now, it will last you for long. Look for high quality material such as wool blend suits so they aren’t to hot for summer, with a quality lining to help keep you cool when its hot & warm when its cool.

Sunday Style

Today I am wearing
Just a quick post today, I wanted to share with you all my outfit for today. I have mixed vintage with high street today, my coat is from Ada’s Attic- as is my top. My Pleather trousers are from Topshop & I just love the suttle snake skin print to them, finished off with Doc Marten Boots… Perfect.

Made In Britain

Topshop 2013

I have seen a welcome rise in clothing being “Made in Britain”, Topshop currently has a collection which has all been made in Britain. I feel that when buying clothing which has been manufactured over here that I am buying a better quality product and also helping to provide & sustain important skilled jobs in clothing manufacturing, an industry which has been severely affected by our need for fast cheap fashion.

Price- of course price is important to everyone- consumer & retailer. Topshops collection price range starts from £6.65 for fake nails up to £160 for a Coat, which is their standard pricing really. Another great way to by “Made in Britain” clothing is to buy vintage, where you will also get better quality fabrics- such as Cashmere & Silk, at a lower price point.

Do you think this is another fashion “trend” or do you think our attitude to shopping & clothing is changing? #MadeInBritain @adasattic

Vintage Packing Design- Ada’s Attic

Packaging Design- Ada’s Attic

I have been pondering my new packaging design for, my vintage shop, for a while, and now I have finally decided. I have gone for a monochrome architecture design, finished off with red & white “butcher” string & a handwritten label. I really like but I would LOVE to hear what you think-

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Thank You

Vintage Packaging Design for Ada’s Attic

The Final Count……

The Final Countdown

Before you ask, yes I am singing “Final Countdown” In my head as I type. There is only 7 DAYS LEFT of our winter sale…….! You still have some time so DON’T PANIC……. I suggest you CALMLY head into the kitchen, make a nice cup of tea, it fixes everything doesn’t it? And then make yourself comfortable on the sofa. Now you are in the right state of mind to browse all the wonderful items we have in our sale… Here’s a few things to get you going =D.


Another classic beauty….. The LBD…..In the sale……–black-lace-baroque-dress/636924

Now I really am taking the mick, this little beauty is designer….. And not the only designer piece in the sale…..
I am now going to find my marbles, which I have apparently lost… #awfuljoke!

How To Take Your Work To The Next Level

Cool Bookcase

I love reading books, don’t you? All sorts of books from fiction to memoires, I find that they are a great source of inspiration. As you all know I am reading Grace Coddington’s Memoires, I find this book almost impossible to put down, I love her non egotistical personality & whimsical love of fashion.

Colour Block Shoot by Grace Coddington
 One line she wrote which has really stuck with me, “I want to add life to all of my photographs, why just go to a beach, which could be anywhere in the world, and take a photo of a model in some nice clothes?… There needs to be more, research has to be done if your shoot a theme inspired shoot or on location, research will strengthen and develop your ideas, whilst “adding life” to your images”. I think this outlook on her work makes it stands out above other fashion editors in the industry.

Grace Coddington & Annie Leibovitz
Since I have read this I have been looking at fashion shoots and my own work and approach to work in a different way. I see lots of images, mainly adverts but some editorial, that have no life in them, and I quickly flick past. The ones that have something about them make me hover over them for long, lingering to find those add elements of detail that are there waiting for me to be found. I feel excited & the images usually evoke a smile from me, and make me feel like a child again. I love this feeling & I feel that fashion photography/styling should evoke these emotions and sense of fun. 
British Vogue 1967

Adding Life to a photograph can be something as simple as using the unexpected rain, or making use of that dog which pops up from nowhere… So many things that are every day we could overlook them. My aim now is to “add life”, and see what benefits my new outlook has on the end result.
Grace Coddington

What do you think? Do you get what I mean? I would LOVE to hear from you & meet likeminded people, email me @

The Art of Procrastination


One downside to the Internet is that it is sooo easy to get distracted; one thing can quite easily lead to another. From the many social media sites that I use, twitter, Pinterest, Independent Fashion Blogger etc. to updating my Facebook page & Asos boutique an hour online can seem like 5 minutes.

My friend, who is currently studying for an MA in information management, is doing her dissertation on how “information overload” is affecting our concentration levels and how each generation is affected by it- parents to kid, who have grown up with it all their lives’. For example I have been up since 7.30 this morning, the 1st thing I did was check my emails- all 4 accounts, on my phone. I then went onto Pinterest… Seeing that I have now been up for over 5 hours, which is a third of an average working day, I haven’t really achieved anything I set out to do, ok I have been in the shower & done my daily yoga session- also on my phone- but I don’t think that really counts??

I know I am not the only one to get lost in the online world, from all the useful websites that I look at, that have the same distracting attributes- I have spent about 2 hours reading Independent Fashion Bloggers articles. I have decided enough is enough, however much I love these sites I need to use them in a more mindful way.

Time Management Ideas-

1, I am going to change the setting in which I sit down to do work online- I am now going to use the dining room as my “office”. I have previously done this and it has benefited my work output levels.

2. I will complete a task before I start another one, allowing myself to have only one website/page open at one time.

3. I will continue to make “To do list’s” not just because I love the satisfaction it gives me to tick something off, but it helps me to remember everything & prioritise what I need to do.

4. Accept that I do not have time to do everything that I want to do in 24 hours… and that I cannot live without sleep…. or Coffee.

If you have any time saving ideas or you also get distracted online please say hello-