Inspiration from Istanbul for Sping Summer 2014

Anna Sofia Ceiling- Instanbul
Anyone who knows me, or who has been reading this blog, know that my two great passions in life are fashion & travel. I feel that they go hand in hand and influence each other, I could sit for hours people watching and learning about different cultures through their clothing.
I have, literally, just come back from a long weekend in Istanbul and though I would try and combine my love of Travel and Fashion in a different way. I have made inspiration boards for colour and silhouette, complete with pantone numbers, for 2014 fashion trends. Not as a prediction but more as inspiration.
Spring Summer 2014 Colour & Silhouette Inspiration from Istanbul
The main image above is of the ceiling of a Anna Sofia, I love the blend of bold colours together and the rigid forms of the straight & geometric lines paired with the soft circle shapes. Silhouette inspiration could be taken from this, EG over sized free flowing wide leg trouser shapes paired with fitted tops in rigid materials. This is could also be seen as a play on the different Western and Asian cultures.
Just a musing, I would love to hear what you all thought.