More Than For The Gym

Nike Olso Leggings

So it’s New Year’s Eve we have had a month of over indulging and enjoyed every second of it! With January the month that most people want to get fit I wanted to show you all these amazing printed leggings from Nike, called Oslo. There are too good just too worn for the gym, in my eyes, you could wear them out and about as a cool alternative to Jeans. So there you go I have even saved you a bit of money, 😉


Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine

British Christmas Oxford Street
Who else is in shock that Christmas has been and gone?! With all the anticipation, running around getting everything sorted and then the day is over in, what felt like, a couple of hours.
I had a LOVELY time though spent with family & friends; I did get run over by a push bike on my way to the pub, on Christmas Eve! though I think it was a karma as I was late. I am now the proud owner of one VERY bruised leg lol, its ok to laugh I am 6ft1 so pretty hard to miss. Even after my “accident” Christmas Eve is still my favourite night, which was full on Amaretto & Coke, Christmas Jumpers and a lot of fun. I saw everything from your standard average Christmas Jumper to my all-time favourite Christmas sequin Men’s Waistcoat! This is now the 2nd year in a row that I have seen this waistcoat out, and twice that I have missed by chance to buy it off the owner! Next year is my year =D.
Claridges Afternoon Tea
Present wise, I must be on Santa’s Nice List as I was spoilt! I got Grace Coddington’s Memoires book, Alexander McQueen book, money, lovely Lush & Liz Earl toiletries & to top it all off Afternoon tea at CLARIDGES!!!! So excited!!!
So how were your Christmases?!

Green Clothing Initiative H&M

H&M Spring 2013
H&M already has its New Year fashion resolution set in place- it plans to be the first fashion company to launch a global clothes collecting initiative, something which will be introduced in February 2013 in H&M stores across 48 markets.
Customers will be able to bring any unwanted garments by any brand into H&M stores and in return will receive a £5 discount voucher for each bag of garments they bring in. The £5 voucher can then be used with any purchase of £30 or more. The collected clothes, meanwhile, will be taken by I:Collect which works to create an infrastructure in which consumer goods are repeatedly reprocessed and made available for new uses.
“Our sustainability efforts are rooted in a dedication to social and environmental responsibility. We want to do good for the environment, which is why we are now offering our customers a convenient solution: to be able to leave their worn out or defective garments with H&M,” says H&M ceo Karl-Johan Persson. With clothes that look this good then I think were onto a winner!
H&M Spring 2013

Cursing Drivers, Early Risers & Shopper Queuing Yep its Boxing Day
What would you rather do???
A, Queue from 1am! Outside in the cold and probably wet weather OR
B, Wake up at your leisure all nice and warm?
A, Suffer queue control, or lack off, MASSIVE crowds and probably angry crowds (they have been up since 1am)…. OR
B, A nice cup of Tea whilst browsing your favourite shops in the comfort of your own home?
Or finally
A, Mob like behaviour with Police drafted in to control the crowds, queue’s longer than Santa’s Beard OR
B, No queue’s, toasty warm fire and snacks on demand?
Yep were with you B all the way, no way would we suffer the Boxing day sales in the shops we just head online, and were having a MASSIVE SALE right now, with 99% of our stock in the sale with savings up to 50%! What are you waiting for, put you pj’s on, brew a cuppa and get shopping! Even treat yourself to that last mince pie that’s hanging around=D

Designer Camera

Hermes Leica M9-P camera
If you ever wondered if you just pay more for designer labels then the release of the limited edition Hermes Leica M9-P camera has confirmed my suspisions. With a price tag of $50,000!!!! you might be asking yourself what do I get for such a vast amount of money.
Well the camera is strictly limited, instead of limited until next year or until they need a bit more cash, to 100. They are also MAKING customers who buy the camera sign to say they won’t sell the camera for two years.
Hermes Leica M9-P camera
You get a “unique” silver casing on the camera and of course calf skin leather, supplied by Hermes, which covers the casing and a leather strap included in the price, how generous!
The strangest line in Lecia press release for the camera is;
“In all other technical details, the cameras and lenses of the special editions are identical to those of the standard versions.”
So “Special Edition” is only skin deep.
Hermes Leica M9-P camera
The collaboration is a celebration of friendship between Jean-Louis Dumas, the former president of Hermès, who died in May 2010 and Lecia. Dumas was a keen amatuer photographer who never left his house with his, Leica & red note book.
You can buy his book on Amazon for around £40 and yes all the images in the book included in the Hermes Leica M9-P camera were shot on his Leica- I bet it didn’t cost him $50,000!
Designer collaboration price tags gone to far?

Fashion With Substance
Luxurious & Modern aren’t two words that you would normal use to describe ethical fashion. That is until Maiyet hit the scene. They celebrate rare artisan skills from unexpected places, a line which instantly got me intrigued in the brand.
They are uniquely inspired, by the artisans, design driven with the aim to grow and help sustain the next generation of master craftsmen from places such as Colombia, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Monogolia and Peru. In addition to sourcing from these global artisans, they also deploy customised training programs that allow its partners to create higher-quality, exceptional product and promote stability and prosperity in their communities.
Watch the video below to have a look at their Spring 2013 collection inspired by Peru!

Spring 2013 Fashion Campaigns 2013

Saint Laurent Man Spring 2013
That’s it Christmas is over, well in the fashion world anyway, with major brands releasing their Spring 2013 campaign images already. So scroll down to get a sneak peak of what to expect for the next couple of months!
Anne Sofie Madsen Spring 2013
Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013
Saint Laurent Spring 2013
Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Stuart Weitzman Spring 2013

Interview With Freak Factory

Freak Factory A/W 2012

From reading the press release for your A/W 2012-2013 collection you take inspiration from a 2008 novel titled “The Yearning of Atoms” by Linus Reichlin, why this novel?

It’s simply what I’ve been reading at the time. Had I been reading something else, the collection would probably look entirely different. What resonated with me within the novel was the tension between two basic physical laws – order versus chaos.
When designing the collection how did you develop your ideas?
Thoughts and ideas that preoccupy me during the initial stage of designing are mainly poured into illustrations: silhouettes, mock-ups, storyboards etc. After this, the exciting team working-phase starts. I love how this process shapes and changes the initial ideas. We tend to experiment a lot during the production and silk-print processes to create new silhouettes and printing techniques. Sometimes we leave behind ideas that can’t withstand testing or are too complex technically. Sometimes, during these experiments, we come up with brilliant, unexpected ideas that we test and incorporate into the garment design. These are the moments that make me truly happy, when I start seeing the face and style of the upcoming collection.

Freak Factory A/W 2012

I love the use of print throughout the collection mixed in with bold colours and oversized silhouette, how would you describe your target customer?
My garments are for me and my girls, who are grown-up women that, whilst being adult and responsible with jobs and kids, still have colourful personalities and wild lifestyles.
I love how you hand print some of the pattern fabric yourself, why did you decide to do this?
My background was initially in illustration and textile design. I develop unique patterns and prints for each and every collection.
Freak Factory A/W 2012

The reference to uniform throughout the collection is great. Was inspiration taken from the novel for this as well?
Parts of the military-style references undoubtedly stem from the novel: the tension between rigid order versus chaos and love is, within the collection, expressed by juxtapositioning military-style cuts with playful, organic-shaped prints and patterns. But I’ve always been fond of uniforms with rigid silhouettes and sophisticated gothic details. I guess it stems from growing up in the Soviet Union, where uniforms were everywhere: one for school, one for sports, for leisure, for festivities, for winter, for summer. So my aesthetic sense was definitely shaped by the aesthetics of „war“.

Freak Factory A/W 2012

What do you predict to be the next big trend for S/S 2013?

To be honest, I do not want to predict anything. There are trend scouts for these questions. I can only talk about myself and about Freak Factory, which does not want to be “trendy” in a mass-market, mainstream kind of way. I see myself more as an advocate for developing independent taste. But I can say that our next collection is inspired by sailors, love and pop culture.
How long have you been designing for? Have you always worked in the fashion industry?
I started my career in 2001 with the first label Laundryclub. I had ten amazing years for experiments and discoveries. And it wasn’t only fashion. I also worked with my colleagues on various print, short film and illustration projects. It was a time when I tried to find myself in art and was not interested in the commercial side of things. A realization how I can turn my biggest passion and hobby into a source of living came with an offer to create a collection with the team I am currently working with. This was the start of Freak Factory as we know it. The period of experiments ended with Laundryclub and Freak Factory signalled the beginning of the new stage of my life – as a grown-up, experienced designer with a signature style.
Freak Factory A/W 2012

‘Rusty Heart’ is a unique name. How did it come about?
“Rusty Heart” is a reference to the main character in the book, the introvert Inspector Jensen. We had a heart to heart whilst I was designing the collection, and, after many deep conversations, came up with the name in a mutual agreement.
Apart from your own label, what is your favourite brand and why?
Well, the fact that everything changes is the only constant thing in life. So I can only refer to my current flavour of the day: the very colourful, anarchic garments of the German duo “Anntian” comes to my mind, as well as the Australian label “Chronicles of never” with their sleek, androgynous style. With Freak Factory, I strive for a mixture of their aesthetics: colourful, playful prints “clash” with architectural, gothic, vertical, clean and almost rigid cuts.
Freak Factory A/W 2012