How To Travel With Hand Luggage Only!!!


That’s right my top tip for saving money on your holidays is by only taking hand luggage. Most airline have a 10kg allowance which is LOADS, after traveling for 10 months my backpack weight only 10kgs, so I am sure you can survive a week =). Check out my short video to see how I survived a week on hand luggage.

Festival Fashion Lookbook Part Two!

Festival Fashion Lookbook
Part two of our festival fashion lookbook. 80’s knitwear is a festival must and I think combining structure sleeveless tailored jacket with a soft white t-shirt dress makes a great festival look. 
Festival Fashion Lookbook


Festival Fashion How To

Festival Fashion Ada’s Attic Lookbook
Festivals aren’t just about the music anymore they are also a fashion show. Where everyone tries to show how cool, laid back and fashionable (without trying) they are. The key to getting the enviable festival fashion look is to not try too hard. At the end of the day you will be sleeping and getting ready in a tent unless your glamping and missing out on the fun. When I think festival I think fun, hippy and just chilling out! So I pack, denim shorts, oversized knits, mini dresses, trainers and funny T-Shirt, things that look good creased and aren’t to fancy. What ever look you decide to rock make sure you have as much fun as possible! You only live once!! =D

Festival Fashion Ada’s Attic Lookbook

Bank Holiday Discount

Vintage Postcard- Stuff Work
May is my favourite month of the year; it is my birthday and we have two bank holidays! So to try and make your bank holiday weekend the dogs …….. you know the word ;), I am giving you all 10% off everything in my vintage boutique. Starting from…… NOW, the code YIPPEEE is valid until 11.59pm on Tuesday the 28th, also known as bedtime.
Happy Friday everyone, woop woop.

Tall Tails

80’s Bomber Jacket

If I had a pound every time someone told me I’m tall I would be rich. Being 6ft1 (and a half) I am slightly above average height. Thankful the high street fashion chains realised this; after struggling through my early teenage years, I can now find jean that fit, or are even to long, with ease.

Oversized White Shirt
My personal style is quite relaxed and laid back, being tall I find that I can wear oversized shapes and they look good. If you are tall try buying a top is at least 3 sizes bigger than you normally would and wear it with skinny jeans or leggings if the top is quite long. I would then wear a fitted jacket, don’t be afraid of wearing cropped jackets, they still look cropped. This will be a new fortnightly post.

Fashion on Film

The Future of the Fashion Show

Fashion on film is becoming more & more popular. With the highly publicized Topshop secret star video for their Christmas 2013 collection to their most recent festival inspired video. It’s apparent that films in! But why now? The change in fashion from the 90s super models & now social media stars; bloggers & super models, stars we don’t just want to see still images. Fashion film is a way for a brand to tell a story & most importantly interact with thief customers more. Personally I would prefer to watch a short film that click through lots of still product images. Fashion on film will be the norm in 10 years’ time, or at least that’s what I think 🙂

What do you think? Do you prefer film or are not fussed either way?

A Week In Rome For Less Than £520

Yep you read the title right, a week in Rome for less than £520, well £513 to be precise. That includes flight, accommodation and £200 spending money!

Italy Rome-mobile

The easiest way of saving yourself some dollar is buy only taking hand luggage? Most airlines have a 10kg allowance for hand luggage, which is loads! By doing this you will save around £50 per person. Budget airlines (Easy Jet, Monarch, Ryan Air) etc have promotions on throughout the year to get you to book your flights as early as possible. I booked my flight in December to go to Rome in May; it doesn’t pay you to wait until last minute to get cheap flights.

Fresh Croissants & Coffee for Breakfast! YUMMY
For accommodation I used a new website called Air BnB, where people can rent out their whole apartment, rooms etc all over the world. It worked out much cheaper than staying in a hotel; we also had access to a kitchen if we wanted to use it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to meet local people, get of the tourist track and save a bit of money whilst still living it up in lovely accommodation.

Santa Marinella Beach Rome

Insurance I found for 1 year for £25 online with comprehensive cover, I myself didn’t need to buy it as I bank with Nationwide so get it free. Make sure you get you EHIP Card which will get you medical attention at local rates, instead of highly inflated foreign rates, if something did happen. The card is FREE and this link will take you to the right page,

Vatican Gallery- Rome

We went to the Vatican galleries where the Sistine chapel is and decided not to book online as there was a 4 euro booking fee per person. The queue moved fast and we seemed to get in just as quick as the people who booked online. It was busy though and if I were to go in high season I think it would be best to book.

Vintage Fiat 500, Rome

Airport parking we found and booked well in advance to get it as cheap as possible, we used a private company who offered a free shuttle bus to the terminal and pick-ups when you landed, they were a quarter of the price as the official airport parking and only a 10 minute drive from the terminal.

This week I will show you how to pack enough outfits for a week keeping well in the 10kg allowance!

My Life On A Shoe String

 If you have ever met me or have been reading this blogfor a while you will know that I love fashion and travel. 

Me & the Pigeons in Rome
My main passion is obviously fashion, but I also love Travel and the psychology behind what we wear. I am intrigued in trend prediction and anything to do with Art always interestsme.
  With lots of things changing in my personal life, buying my 1st house! Growing up my vintage business. I want to share how you can still have your cake and eat it =)

Vintage From Rome Italy
So to clarify I will still mainly be writing about fashion but also want to share my love of travel with you too, I will always post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, if the mood takes me or I have something I can’t wait to share with you I will post it straight away, so make sure you are checking back regularly.
Thanks Rach

I’m Back!

That’s right I am back, after an amazing 5 day break in Rome I feel refreshed and inspired. I have literally just stepped off the plane and wanted you all to know I am back. I have seen relics to vintage clothing to vintage cars and alot of espresso bars. I have, over indulged, in pizza, pasta & Gelatto (you can never have to much coffee can you?) I feel recharged and ready to go. I will share all of my stories with you over the next few days, so for tonight Ciao =D 

Ciao Bella

I am going on a research trip to Italy, Rome, to be precise to see what vintage gems I can find for you over there. Whilst I am away, my boutique will stay open but parcels won’t be sent out until the 16th May, all parcels will go 1st class so you will have them for that weekend. If you would like to receive your new buy before this weekend I need to have you order before 3pm Friday the 10th May.
Whilst I’m away I will be keeping my eyes pealed for;
Vintage Gems,
The New Pope,
The Sistine Chapel,
Cute Dogs and anything else, when I get back I will share all of my finds with you.
Sorry that “Travel Week” has been a massive let down, I have not had enough hours in the day… If only a day was 48hrs I would then have time to do everything & sleep!