V Is Also For Vintage… Of Course

Vintage Boho Style 70’s

Now if you know me, or have read this blog for a little while, you know that I am a massive Vintage fan. I also have my own vintage boutique, Called Ada’s Attic.

Why do I love Vintage so much? Well I just hate it when someone is wearing the same as me, it doesn’t even have to be at a special event, just everyday life is enough to dampen my mood.

Prom Style For 2014
Its not just knowing that I will never have the same dress, jacket, top on as anyone else that makes me love vintage. It is also the quality of fabrics and construction of vintage clothing, that after at least 20 years! Of wear and tear are still looking fab. Cheap fast fashion high street clothes pail in insignificance next to beautiful silk beaded dress, pure new wool blazer and perfectly fitted pastel shade Co-Ord suits.

I also like to think about the history that the vintage pieces I wear have, what have they seen, done and been a part of before I wore them? It is also a great way to see how fashion is constantly changing in front of our eyes. For example care were not in clothes until the 1970’s with similar ones to what we are use to now not fully introduced until the late 80s. Sizing of vintage clothing is also smaller to our current sizes, an interesting look on how generations do get taller and generally bigger. Manufacturing of clothing has also changed a lot, with only a quarter of all clothing available to buy in the UK made here in the UK, the garment industry has almost been lost. Now there are signs of a reversal where rich Asians are wanting to buy high price piece that are “Made in Britain”, as they are seen as higher quality better made products. While the demand for fast, cheap fashion here continues.

Perfect Tailoring

Vintage fashion is not only, well made using high quality and high cost fabrics, but it is usually often cheaper to its modern day counterparts. Try finding a pure silk, fully beaded flapper style dress on the high street for less that £100? It is also a great way to express you individuality, own sense of personal style (to your home too), whilst resting easy knowing that there isn’t anybody else wearing what you have on.