Half of the fun of reading fashion mags is looking at the beautiful adverts, here are a few of our favs.

Chanel Spring Summer 2012
Chanel Spring Summer 2012
Guess Spring Summer 2012
Hermes Spring Summer 2012
Louis Vitton Spring Summer 2012
Mulberry Spring Summer 2012

Art or Fashion?

Couture fashion is the most expensive fashion in the fashion industry. Its a small select group that use the finest materials and skills, but with its flamboyant style, extreme price tags is Couture fashion better placed in the art world? 

Givency 2012 Spring Summer
Givenchy 2012 Spring Summer
Givenchy 2012 Spring Summer

Yiquing Yin 2012 Spring/Summer
Yiqing Yin 2012 Spring Summer
House of Worth 2012 Spring Summer

The designs are over the top but no-one can deny how beautiful and inspiring they are. Givenchy pushes the barriers of Haute Couture by designing body jewellery, that not only any rocker would be proud to wear, but is 100% stunning! We love the Givenchy collection especially. At the end of the day Couture fashion pieces are, in their own right, art, but they also have the place in fashion, firmly at the top. Its brings us joy just looking at beautiful pictures of it, imagine what we would be like if we could wear it!

Male shoot…just another teaser….

So here are some new shoots from our shoot with March from D1. We were try to show how we are in such a rush in everyday life that we never get chance to stand still. Were loving the movement in the photos but would love to know what you guys think =).

Model: March (D1 models)
MUA: Millie Swanson
Hair: Jane Zahreddine
Photography: Nofa Zahreddine
Styling: Rachael Sadler

Interview with Bits & Bows Boutique.

Hi Sarah thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to be interviewed by us. Your accessory collection is going from strength to strength so we wanted to chat with you while we still could.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs from….

I get my inspiration from EVERYWHERE!From looking at a fabric print, to looking at vintage clothing!Honestly anything!Sometimes ill just wake up and have an amazing idea and simply HAVE to make it there and then!I absolutely adore designing, and buying all the pieces needed to finally create a beautiful piece. I like to make a variety of styles so that there is something for everyone!From sweet treats to vintage style jewellery…i believe my current collection is the best yet and can be found at

How long have you been doing it for?…

I studied fashion at university for 5 years!So I’ve always been in the creative field, I originally started with clothing, it was only in 2010 that i realised it was jewellery i really loved doing!And it just developed from there.

So you have a background in design, have you always had creative jobs?

I think I hold the record for the most jobs ever!I’ve had around 12 different part time jobs…from waitressing, working in a card shop, New look, Topshop and many many more!However it was whilst working at NEXT as a supervisor that i realised I’d never be happy working for somebody else, my true passion was in working for myself, creating pretty things and making big decisions independently!So i took the leap and went part time, whilst building up Bits and Bows in my extra time!It was THE single best decision I have made to date and I think anybody wanting to fulfil their dreams or take a big step should go for it!

A lot of people in today economical climate would be even more wary of starting their own business do you have an advice or inspirational words for them?

You’ll have the doubters, and people who don’t agree with what your doing, but it will honestly be worth it! At the end of the day, its YOU who has to do your job, its YOU who will get the gratification and YOU alone who can make yourself happy!

Wow thanks Sarah you can really see how passionate you are about your work. Tell us about your customer base.

Ive built up a really good customer base over the past 2 years, I’m so so lucky with my customers, its almost as if we are on a personal level! With Facebook being so easy to communicate and talk to people, its given us a strong relationship where I’d almost say I’ve made friends with some of them. Its lovely hearing feedback and so so rewarding when I hear back how much they love their goodies, and I see status’s telling all their friends to add me/buy from me!

That’s such a lovely thing to say about your customers and its not easy to achieve huge multi-million pound companies spend massive amounts of money trying to achieve what you have. It just goes to show that the personal touch makes a different.

Obviously you are a very creative girl, how do you feel about the world of “business”?

I’m strong minded, determined and a BIG believer in Karma! I think business is tough, you win some, you lose some, it can be a hard business to crack! But I really feel I’m getting there and have never been happier!

Last but not least is there anything else that you want to tell the world….. Favourite colour, food, designer etc….

I’m a happy go lucky kinda girl, 25 year old Birmingham based full time mummy to 8 month Daisy-Ella! I Love anything Pink, sparkly and quirky! Jessie J and Katy Perry are my idols, and strawberry cheesecake or Turkish delight is the way to my heart! I’m addicted to tea and I cant live without Chinese takeaway at least once a week!
I’m a big sucker for Trash TV…anything reality based has me addicted from the first episode!
I hope one day Daisy-Ella can be proud of her mummy and take on the Bows empire!

Thank you so much Sarah for chatting with us, its been an absolute pleasure and we wish you all the luck in the future. 

Sarah is an inspiration to all young entrepreneurs out there who are wanting to go it alone, success is hard work but that’s part of the reward, working hard for YOU doing something YOU love, shaping YOUR future.


With winter winds and EU doom and gloom, baton down the hatches and make yourself the “Fashion Mould” cocktail to get you into the festive mood.

1/4 of a Pear
2 Cinnamon Sticks or Ground Cinnamon
Apple Brandy Calvados 37.5ml (just under a double)
Dash of Apricot Brandy or Cointreau
Lemon Juice 1 Teaspoon
Apple Juice 3 Dessert Spoons

Vanilla Syrup Ingredients
Caster Sugar
Fresh Vanilla pod

How to make the Vanilla Syrup.

Equal parts boiling water & Caster Sugar mix together and then add 2-3 sliced Vanilla pods and leave to soak for 8-10 hours.

Add all the above ingredients to a Boston Glass fill the glass to the top with Ice. Add top, then shake, shake hard….. Fine strain into a glass and then ENJOY!

Made by the wonderful Ben at the Vault in Birmingham

Ben, what is the best thing about working in this sort of environment?

And the worst thing?
Unsociable hours.

Your favourite cocktail?
Natural Daiquiri!

Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone