A Very Special Day…

I am a tad worried that you are all getting fed up of me spouting on about how Antony & I went travelling for a year?! Well here I go again =D today we have been back two years! OMG I am in shock that it has been two years.
Horse painted like a Zebra.. why? Because the kids will never see a real Zebra.. Obviously.
On one hand it seems like just yesterday we were living out of our backpacks and off instant noodles. Things have slightly changed, no more instant noodles, and we are now literally about to buy our 1st house. With plans to go away again and live off the rent from our house in the future, frequently popping up in conversation.
Thai Tuk Tuks
With people telling me left right and centre about how they want to go travelling the only thing I ever say is GO (with a massive smile on my face) the skills and experiences you will learn and gain on your trip will be invaluable and the memories will stick with you for a life time.
Argentina to Chile boarder crossing
From my travel experiences I feel that I have become more grateful and aware of how lucky I am to be born British, for the free education to health care and of course freedom of speech. I realised this from seeing unbelievable poverty where poor families can barely eat let alone afford to buy the school uniform required to send their children to school, creating a cycle of poverty with no escape. I have become more determined to take every opportunity I have, to try my hardest and work hard to achieve my goals. To appreciate the ability to have and voice my own opinions and thoughts, a reason I started this blog, and to express them through styling work and to a certain extent how I dress myself.
Yurimaguas Port! Peru
Would I have realised this if I had not gone away? I don’t think so with out 1st hand experience its hard to relate to something that we have not experienced. I also gained confidence in our ability to get ourselves around continents where we didn’t speak the language to plan very route where few backpackers go and just do it, I almost even realised how brave we were… until I feel our of a hammock lol =D
Big Sur California USA
All I am really trying to say is that you will gain and develop skills that are not just important for every day life but also you career. The ability to communicate, flexible attitude and the ability to plan and budget. Whilst this all might sound quite serious you will see thing that you can’t even imagine meet all different sorts of people and think about all your adventure when your grey and old. By then you might even have great grand kids that haven’t heard all you stories and seen all the photos before! =D… JUST GO!