Vintage Packing Design- Ada’s Attic

Packaging Design- Ada’s Attic

I have been pondering my new packaging design for, my vintage shop, for a while, and now I have finally decided. I have gone for a monochrome architecture design, finished off with red & white “butcher” string & a handwritten label. I really like but I would LOVE to hear what you think-

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Vintage Packaging Design for Ada’s Attic

Does Packaging Make A Difference?

Levi’s Vintage Packaging

Ok so I want you to imagine that you have just got paid and you feel like treating yourself to something new, you have been saving hard recently and working hard so you feel like you deserve it. Would you be more swayed into buying an item be it clothing, food, cosmetics or anything really if the packing was nicer? Does packaging really make that much difference? Or if you had purchased something online & it came wrapped in any old piece of plastic would you feel a bit ripped off disappointed?

Liz Earl Packaging

Personally I think it does count, maybe not subconsciously would I pick on item over the other, especially if I was buying online I wouldn’t be able to, but it does count. Recently I bought some Liz Earl Cleanse & Polish the limited Prince’s Trust edition, where £2 per purchase will go to helping The Prince’s Trust. Liz Earl’s Packaging is beautiful- simple but beautiful & it ties in with the company ethos- Natural, Green & giving back to the community. It’s not the cheapest cleanser but I love it & I think it is one of the best.
Liz Earl Packaging
Another company I love is Lush; again they are a Green, Natural cosmetic company who are devoted to protecting animals and the planet. So far so good in my eyes, they are also say on all of their products if they are suitable for Vegan’s all of their products are Veggie friendly. I you don’t eat your Shampoo but some people like to know and a lot of people are really strict Vegans and don’t want to use animal bi products in anyway. I have been a Veggie for 11 years and I wouldn’t want a bit of meat in my shower gel so I can understand. They have also started to use Popcorn, yep Popcorn, instead of environmentally damaging polystyrene chips to protect their delicate items in the post! So fun and quirky!

Lush Popcorn Packaging

Here are some more cool packaging designs.

Nike Clot Air Force

So what do you think? Does the packaging matter to you?