Spice Up Your Life

Olympic fever has well and truly swept the UK, and I have been swept up it as well, we have done sooooo well and I feel with The Jubilee and the Olympics this year we have reignited Britishness, something we will touch on in the next post. What better way to end a fabulous Olympics, whilst also getting ready for the paralympics, that with the biggest girl band ever… The Spice Girls! Funnily enough I was just reminiscing with my mum the other day on when me and Kate, my little sister, first saw them. We were at a trade show, where my mum was working and a stall was showing there video, we were completely hypnotised and hooked from there on in. We had in all every single, album, t-shirt, poster and anything else that had Spice Girls on it. I would like to make clear I was only in primary school, lets say 11.
We have also seen a massive rise in 90’s fashion this year with backpacks, denim jackets, leather skirts, crop tops and Tie-dye. So are you ready to Spice Up…..
Posh Spice
You can’t think 90’s without thinking of crop tops, this is a classy version its draped front and short sleeves it would look AMAZING with leather trousers!
Baby Spice
The Denim Jacket screams 90’s! Everyone had one and is getting one again. This one had a mock sheepskin lining to keep you warm in winter.
Sporty Spice
Sporty Spice eat your heart out! This 90’s Addict Vintage Sports Jacket has a funnel neck and two tone colour perfect.
Scary Spice
Scary spice wanted to be seen, she loved bold prints and bold colours. This jumpsuit is perfect Scary Spice outfit.
Ginger Spice
Geri made the Union Jack dress infamous, for good or bad, its not something that I would wear out, everyday, but its perfect for this summers event and that’s why it gets the main shoot on the homepage of our boutique.

Its so funny looking back on these photos now, when i was 11 I thought they were soooo cool and loved how they all had there own “style” lol, Posh was my favourite! Who was yours?

Style Q & A Olympics

So if your lucky enough to be going to the London Olympics this year, your probably rich and powerful and have your own live-in stylist so won’t be needing to know what to wear, however if your a mere mortal, like myself, and have entered a competition to win tickets to the Olympics then here’s what you should be wearing. Sporty fashion is a very big trend this Spring Summer so just try it out anyway! Enjoy.

The Olympic Kit

So we all know that Stella McCartney has designed the Olympic kits, I have been dying to see what they look like, just like you i’m sure, overall the designs are subtle with their use of the Union Jack Flag and the red, white and blue colours. Each outfit is different but all have a uniform look so you known what team the person wearing them is for. Well done Stella and go team UK!
Andrew Murray in Men’s Tennis Kit.
Chris Hoy in Mens Cycling Kit
Drew Sullivan in Men’s Basketball kit
Jack Rodwell in Men’s Football Kit
Jessica Ennis in Women’s Track & Field Kit
Jessica Ennis- Track & Field Kit
Lizzie Armstrong in Women’s Cycling Kit
Photos: TalkPR