Are you Shwopping??

A new scheme has been lauched by M&S promoting us, the general joe, to go Shwopping in their stores, shopping + swapping= Shwopping. When ever we buy an item in their stores they want us to donate an item, it doesn’t even have to be from M&S, they will then donate all the items to Oxfam.

But is this really the 21st century fashion revolution that M&S are claiming? All of us have already either been donating our unwanted clothing to family or friends, my sister & I regularly share and swap our wardrobes, or have donated to local charity shops. The savvy shoppers among us have even found an item or two whilst we were down there. Other past initiatives, not from M&S , were swapping parties where everyone has to bring an agreed amount of items to swap. No money needed.  

To be honest I think that we are all clued up to see that this isn’t really a fashion revolution, I completely agree with M&S that no clothes should go to landfills and that we should recycle clothes like we do paper and plastic. Personally I have charity shops in walking distance from my house so I will just keep donating directly to them. So what do you think Fashion Revolution or Marketing Fad?

Escapism…. Uros Islands

Uros Islands- Peru

Uros Islands are floating islands which are hand made out of reeds. Everything is made using the same reeds, from the house, boats, to the islands themselves. There are a small amount of people still living on the islands, the women all dress in brightly coloured traditional clothing with hand embroidered details on them. The women spend all their time of the island while the men can leave to go back to the mainland to earn money and bring in food supplies, because of this the men’s dress has now become diluted with western style tracksuit bottoms and shoes. The main income for the islanders is tourism where you can buy a selection of there handmade products and even a hair pom pom if you fancy it.
Its so cool to see and its a strange sensation walking on the islands as they are very soft but you can’t feel them moving, that much.

A very proper protest.

This week saw the worlds best dressed protest when gentlemen, & women, of The Chap Magazine took to Savile Row to air their grievances 
A gang of suited, booted and top-hatted dandies voiced their displeasure with Abercrombie & Fitch’s move into the historic home of British tailoring, some companies have been there for 200 years! Placards bearing, quite catchy, slogans such as “Give Three-Piece a Chance” wear being carried around paired with well shined shoes, waxed moustaches and gleaming spectacles.

Savile Row Bespoke, and industry body representing the street’s tailors, issued a statement urging Westminster Council to block Abercrombies’s presence.
“Savile Row is known the world over as the home of bespoke men’s wear and is one of London’s most famous streets. As a result we can appreciates A&F’s desire to be a part of this. The irony is
 that their presence serves as a gradual erosion of the very character of Savile Row that they wish to benefit from. Bespoke tailors have worked here for over 200 years, that’s what makes this place special. Lose it and it’s gone forever.” 

Abercrombie which attracts queues of shoppers hungry for slogan tees and distressed denim, not quite in keeping with Savile Row’s other shops. Plans to opens a childrenswear shop at 3 Savile Row. A&F said “The response to our adult flagship has been tremendous and we look forward to giving our fans an opportunity to visit our Kid’s store in an iconic location.

Ones To Watch

A few of my favorite new designers out now.


A design duo who are self confessed Denim addicts. I love the bleached out oversized street hippie look they have created. Beautiful, fresh and surprisingly feminine.

S/S 2012
S/S 2012


Designed for the British Eccentric in mind these totally original accessories. Currently being stocked in Selfridges and some of the best photography I have seen for a while. I just think that they are beautiful!

Rob Godwin

A new jeweler designer who designs for men’s couture pieces, everyday jeweler, and women’s cocktail rings as “bold, androgynous and diverse”. Inspiration comes from architecture, military uniform and Exotic Animals.

This weeks must have…… Tie Dye

Yes you read this right, I said this weeks must have is Tie Dye, and yes I am a Hippy at heart. I am LOVING tie dye at the moment, its perfect for the summer months ahead of us, here or abroad and for any summer festival your going to! For some reason, unknown even to myself, it just makes me smile! Its fun, colourful and to top it all of interactive!=D If you have never Tie Dyed something before in your life you have not lived. For inspiration for your Tie Dye adventure check out the ultimate Hippie Scene Woodstock.

If Jimmy Hendrix wore Tie Dye it must be cool!

Possible the cutest couple ever!
Peace out xx

Escapism….. New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand

We did a full day hike on the Franz Josef Glacier and it was INCREDIBLE! We got to hike up to a ice ledge where you got amazing views of the glacier and the valley. We then headed back down and walked through ice tunnels and in a ravine! An amazing, and tiring, experience! We even got to wear crampons!
Copyright- Me-Rachael Sadler

Earth Day Sustainable Fashion

In anticipation for Earth Day, which is tomorrow, I thought I would share with you the best on offer in sustaniable fashion. To me sustaniable fashion is considered fashion, where the production, materials, planet and people are all considered. So we have a planet for generations to come.
More and more designers are now designing with sustaniable fashion as a core value, instead of an after though or excuse for bad design. Some of the best designers, Stella McCartney, Chinti and Parker, Pachacuit, Edun and John Hardy are making some of the best pieces on the catwalk in terms of style, which are also sustanible and “Green”.
Mathias Chiaze
Alexa Chung for  Chinti and Parker

Local women making Pachacuit hats from Banana Leaves

Another, and more affordable way, to buy sustaniable fashion is to buy vintage.

The main message behind sustainable fashion is that fast fashion or dissposable fashion is not just bad for the environment, planet and for generations to come, its also expensive. Its not made to last, producers of fast fashion aren’t concerned with the quality of their products, they want you to have to come back and spend more money buying either the same or different top, dress etc because the other one has started to fall apart. In the long run sustainable fashion is also cost effective.

Fashion Icon Elizabeth Taylor

One of the greatest and some would say last fashion icon has to be the amazing Elizabeth Taylor. She was a leader and inspiration to many in the film industry and women all around, I believe that she changed peoples perspective on fashion and made it fun, famously she wore a Diamond necklace in the pool because she wanted to. Not only did she have a wonderful career staring, most famously, as Cleopatra but a colourful personal life being married 8 times to 7 Husbands. Her style is still amazing current today and I would love to look like, I’m sure I am not alone! Enjoy

Beautiful picture, one of my favourites.

A outfit that I would love to wear today.

 Elizabeths passion was jewelry where she famously owned the 50-Carat La Peregrina Pearl, formerly owned by Elizabeth the 1st!
33.19-Carat Krupp Diamond Ring
pear shaped 69.42-Carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond

How to do Jumpers in style

The Jumper/ Sweatshirt is one of the wardrobe heros that doesn’t get its full dues. I love wearing a, slightly scuffy, jumper with a pretty femine dress or skirt. Its how you wear it that makes you stand-out, and its the perfect outfit for the British Spring and sadly, sometimes, Summer.
For a truely unique look mix vintage, high street and if you can afford it designer. The D&G skirt costs over £7000!! Crazy.
Our vintage store Ada’s Attic is now open on asos marketplace, check it out,


MACHU PICCHU- Peru South America

Ahhh Machu Picchu, Ahhh the Inca Trail! We did the classic trip which was 4 day 3 Nights long, camping and hiking along the Inca Trail, It might not be everyone’s idea of fun but its one of the best things I have EVER done! The sights and the history are amazing. Its not easy though as its at high altitude, you could say I struggled slightly- 
Day 1- Hit head gave myself concussion
Day 2- Had to be given oxygen twice! 
Day 3- The “Gringo Killers” are called that for a reason!
Day 4- So happy and proud I made it I cried, and I got to see the photo above! Which believe me doesn’t do it any justice, Machu Picchu is literally built on top of a mountain sounded by mountains, amazing! Well done Incas!