Interview With Diego Vanassibara

In the summer I had the pleasure of being on the shoot for Diego Vanassibara, not only was it such fun it was also great to see Diego’s amazing shoes up close, I want to take them with me but I behaved myself =). Not only is he a great designer Diego & Gotzon are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Enough of me boring you check out the interview & the shoes!
Where do you get inspiration for your designs from….

Jarvanese Carving Inspiration Diego Vanassibara

I am very drawn to shapes, being it abstract or not. So anything that’s got an interesting/occurred/beautiful form attracts my attention. I might have seen it in the streets, in a book, in a photo, nature or even a detail something can spark an initial idea. I am very open-minded in my approach and my eyes are constantly scanning for something.
How long have you been designing for? What’s your background? Have you always wanted to do footwear design?

Diego Vanassibara

I seriously started sketching on paper when I was about 10 years old, not shoes though. I wanted to become a costume and set designer for the carnival in Rio. Shoes came later. I did tried architecture for a little while but soon I realised that I wanted to pursue a career where I could balance both the structural and engineering sides of architecture, with the dynamism and free creativity of fashion… Shoes seemed to be where those two fields of design meet, so I went to Cordwainers (where I met your sister). I also worked a lot in retail and that has certainly contributed to my understanding of what customers want.

 People who are considering starting their own business could be wary in today economical climate, do you have an advice or inspirational words for them?

Diego Vanassibara

 My father always says it and I keep on repeating that: “If advice was a good thing we would not give them, we would sell them”. That’s because people are different and what’s beneficial to one person might be not to the other. So I prefer to stick to inspirational words: are you courageous enough and feel you are ready, confident as a designer (or in any other profession)? Go for it! Maybe just a small piece of advice is: please do it if you are good in the business side of things or have someone to fill the gap and join forces.
Who do you see as you target customer? Who would you love to see wear them and why?

Diego Vanassibara

My customers are informed and probably have an eye for aesthetics. They certainly are discerning enough to follow their own taste and don’t bother with trends. They appreciate very good craftsmanship and honest products. I’d like to see Jonny Depp in them. He’s got a great and individual style.

Your an extremely talented designer, how do you feel about the business side?

Diego Vanassibara

Thank you! In terms of the business side, I wouldn’t be able to do that without Gotzon, my partner.

Is there anything else that you would like to tell the world eg, fav colour, food country, how many languages you speak, fav designer etc

Diego Vanassibara

I like appreciating the small things in life, it makes me feel good day after day, but I’m still improving on that. Colour? I like vibrant and happy colours. I love any kind of vegetarian lasagna with lots of cheese in it and creamy desserts and I have a soft spot for Japan.
Thank you Diego for your time and congratulations on being 1 of only 2 footwear designers showing at London Collections Menswear in January 2013!
To see more of Diego’s beautiful work check out his equally stunning website