So as the nights begin to draw in and there is a slight nip in the air, we know that summer is slowly slipping away; and London Fashion Week has begun. I personally love looking at all the latest catwalk collection and can get lost looking at them for hours, literally. But I wanted to share with you something different than a show report, which is in every magazine and on more or less every blog.
What interests me most about the new collections is where the ideas came from, how the different ideas can end looking the same and how they were developed from there starting point.
For example Markus Lupfer’s inspiration was The Jetsons, the space aged cartoon that I used to love watching as a child. From this he has developed a collection that is both feminine and edgy.
Willow too their inspiration from playing with transparency and buy using 1950’s lingerie as outerwear. The result is a mixed bag in my view, with some interesting material choices for the evening dresses; mixed with striking shirts/tops with beautiful cut out detail shirts, where you can see the 50’s influence.
 Vintage fashion is a popular starting point for fashion designers, 1950’s lingerie is massively popular, with the sexy, feminine yet lady like silhouettes I can see why. I do find it funny though how “modern” fashion takes its inspiration from “Vintage” fashion. The 1950’s were especially known for kids or young adults- 18-30’s dressing like their parents. For being rebellious and daring and for trend setting, new designs. In 62 years do you think people will look back at 2012 fashion and think the same? Or will they still be taking inspiration from the 1950’s?