Fashion Love Affair With Downton Abbey

Everyone is head over heels in love with Downton Abbey’s stunning period dress, and the acting isn’t too bad either, but why have we all gone crazy for period dress, even the fashion world is in owe of it, no easy feat! What I particular love is the attention to detail that is made on every single outfit, there are rumours that even the underwear is from the last period. It’s not just the outfits it’s the stunning settings, amazing hair and how it makes me fascinated with the AMAZING history of our country!
The whole setting of this image is perfect, with the steam off the train and old fashioned train setting. The purple two piece outfit would look great on today.
The decadant settings makes this photo.
I know this is a back view but i think the white ties on the maids outfits are beautiful and make the image really interesting.
I love this behind the scene shot, I love the casualness of it and the suit is amazing and if any men are reading this, go and buy one…. Now