£1 What would you do…………………….

So we all know that money is tight in today economical climate, so instead of focusing all on the doom and gloom we though we’d show you how much fun you can have with just £1. Enjoy.
Decorate your Cat in Tinsel.
Rummage around a Pound store.
Saunter down to your local Charity shop and see what you can find. You can get great bargains for a pound  including clothes and books!
Take a gamble and place your pound on the Lotto.
Go to the market and get bowls of veg for a pound. Birminghams Fruit & Veg market is amazing so cheap and colourful. Last week you could have 8 cucumbers for a £1, not sure what you would do with them all though.
Go for a walk its free fun and great exercise,go alone, with a mate or even better a dog you will meet lots of friendly dog walkers.
Make a cake; 1 egg, 2oz Flour, 2oz butter, 2oz sugar Honey, Jam or whatever filling you like. You can mircowave it, with a bit of clingfilm over the top of the bowl for 3 mins or bake in the oven.
Cook Marshmellows over a fire, if like me you don’t have an open fire just use a candle, make sure its not sented as Lavander Marshmellows aren’t nice!
Cosy night in get your fav films on dvd and make your own popcorn  ( fun just to do that). If you feel like being really retro watch a video! 
Everyone knows a snowball fight is great fun, if you win, so when it snows get involved. Until then why not play other “kids games” Hula Hooping, going for a bike ride or making someone jump.
To cold outside for fun get out all the old board games and  have a retro night. My favorite was Twister and Payday.  
Go for a Picnic, its not that cold and you can take a flash of tea or coffee with you to warm yourself up.
Go to the park and feed the ducks, doesn’t cost anywhere near a pound and is great fun.
Go fishing, not as exotic as above but still fun, by a 50p net on the end of a bean cane and wonder down your Canal.
Do a good deed, give up your seat on the bus/train, help someone with directions, the elderly with their shopping, buy some pet food and donate it to the animal rescue centers (there are bins in all supermarkets). Best thing of all its free!