Cursing Drivers, Early Risers & Shopper Queuing Yep its Boxing Day
What would you rather do???
A, Queue from 1am! Outside in the cold and probably wet weather OR
B, Wake up at your leisure all nice and warm?
A, Suffer queue control, or lack off, MASSIVE crowds and probably angry crowds (they have been up since 1am)…. OR
B, A nice cup of Tea whilst browsing your favourite shops in the comfort of your own home?
Or finally
A, Mob like behaviour with Police drafted in to control the crowds, queue’s longer than Santa’s Beard OR
B, No queue’s, toasty warm fire and snacks on demand?
Yep were with you B all the way, no way would we suffer the Boxing day sales in the shops we just head online, and were having a MASSIVE SALE right now, with 99% of our stock in the sale with savings up to 50%! What are you waiting for, put you pj’s on, brew a cuppa and get shopping! Even treat yourself to that last mince pie that’s hanging around=D