Duck & Cover

Duck & Cover 1950’s American Film
With all the wet weather we have had over the past few days I wanted to introduce you to a newish brand Duck and Cover. They were founded in 1996, and took inspiration for their name from a 1950’s American film about surviving a nuclear attack.
They started out as a sports brand and soon found a distinctive style that set them apart, becoming a design focused clothing company providing an alternative to the urban “uniform” or so to speak.

I like the brands classic design which they have mixed with modern fastenings and traditional prints. To check out more of thier stuff headover to

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Something for Men

The other day I went shopping with my boyfriend, we headed into town expecting to find him something to wear straight away, he hates shopping and usually shops online. I had managed  to convince to physically go into town, I was sick of him walking around in Beer T-shirts he had bought whilst we were travelling, still thinking that he looked cool, I would say border line homeless especially if he hadn’t shaved. So off we went with high expectations and we found…. nothing. If your a teenager who likes wearing skinny acid wash jeans with tight tight polo shirts or your the older gentleman then your well catered for anywhere in between I think theres a real lack of choice.

That is until now, with the rip roaring success of the 1st Mens Fashion Week.

Agi & Sam

Colour Blocking

Now I am not saying that you should suggest your boyfriend goes out and does the shopping in the outfit below. But I think they could gain inspiration from the collections, maybe they can wear shorts in summer- I don’t know why men have issues around this still… They can be smart for the office too, or maybe try introducing bright colours to thier wardrobe. Colour blocking like above- same colour but different shades would look amazing and is so simple to do. Cos is great for mens wear as is H&M, and Zara and they are all reasonably priced.

Up close and personal with Newgen

As were sure you are all aware Newgen works with up and coming designers to showcase and bring you new talent. Menswear is really on fire this season and you guys out there are being spoiled for choice, I am slightly jealous! Your being offered jazzy prints below and beautifully simple tailoring and new ways to style garments. Footwear is also hotting up with cool shades in formal footwear, something that is new. Were really loving it so here are our favs!

Credits: Catwalk King

Menswear Day 6 at LFW!

Whenever I go into shops I always feel sorry for Men, who usually have a small selection squeezed into the back corner. But after seeing what is on offer from the designers showing at London’s Fashion Week, I no longer have any sympathy! Guys you are being spoiled. From cool classic cuts to crazy out there wacky prints, layers and simple styling you have everything on offer to you that us women do. Enjoy!

E.Tautz A/W 2012

Strong Simple Silhouettes, classic style.
James Long A/W 2012

A more casual, boho inspired collection. A modern Kurt Cobain style.
Lou Dalton A/W 2012

Again a classic, understated collection with a vintage twist.
Man A/W 2012

A very out there, in your face collection, with some interesting use of colour, print and silhouette.
Matthew Miller A/W 2012

A collection that has both the wardrobe staples and the more fashion lead pieces.
Oliver Spencer A/W 2012

Classic, cool and very manly!
Rake A/W 2012

This collection is for your modern day man who likes to look like he was from a year gone by. A man’s man collection, sexy!

Back Packs!!

Back packs aren’t just a convenient way of transporting your goods,
they are also very cool! And great for taking all of your essentials in if you have bagged a cheap budget airline flight, we love them! The designs are also getting better and better. Below we have included some of our favorite ones for you to cast your eye over.
Aforestdesign- The bird watcher-
Mrs Herskin- Big Bang.

Fjallraven Kanken- avaible in different colours and sizes

Peter Jenson- availble in 1 different colour
Peter Jenson

Cole Hann + Nike =

Beautifully designed formal and casual mens footwear combined with the technology you would expect to find in Nike’s latest trainers. Cole Hann, an 80 year company, and now a subsidery of Nike, has been one of the few footwear companys to consistently offer trendy and classic looks at good price points.
 The formal slip on, newest of their designs, comes complete with a rubber injected sole which makes it very comfortable for you guys to wear.

Ooooo Menswear

A beautiful new collection by Margiela for A/W 2012, I know we haven’t even had summer yet, but darling thats soooo last season (say in fashion voice). The collection includes 3 piece suit, coats, footwear and jewellery and there is nothing basic about design here, with classic colours and timeless shapes. I almost wish I was a man to be able to wear it myself!

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