Mod Fashion 2013

Marc Jacobs Mod Fashion 2013
As we are trying to fight our way into Spring, there is a “new” fashion trend hitting the street. Mod & Rocker are back with a 2013 update. Quiff’s, high-school American style bomber jackets, like the ones worn in Grease. Even brothel creepers or now known as the Flatform. 50s & 60s style seems carefree and wild  at the same time to me giving it an intriguing appeal that is catching on.
Mod Womens Fashion
The secret to this trend is all in the detail, that goes for Men as well as Women. It matters that your jeans are not to new not to old, worn just low enough but to low your showing off you bum crack, cuffed hem and Levis are a must… 501’s if you can. Wallet chain swinging from pocket to pocket is also a must.  White plimsoles should be white with the odd scuff on the plastic toe, laces loose and not ties but tucked in.
Mod Fashion For Men
Looking back at 50’s & 60’s fashion now seems like it was a time or preening and dandifying for Men & Women. The decade which created the teenager, the 50’s, created the uncompromising vanity of youth.
Bradley Wiggins Velvet Suit
Bradley Wiggins in the Modern Man to take to “Peacock Dressing” with a Mod/Rocker edge- suit Mod, Sideburns all Rocker baby. His style stood out for all the right reasons, the meticulous detail, fine cut of the suit and accessory choice were all perfect!
I am welcoming the return of this trend, showing the teenagers of 2010- 2020 how it was done, good bye Bieber lookalikes, hair as straight as their faces for girls. Express yourself be individual and dare to dress how you want.
Good I think I am starting to sound old!