21st Century Style Icons- The Olsen Twins

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
True 21st Century style Icons have to be Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by the fashion world, with their Labels “Elizabeth & James” & “The Row”. I love their quirky, individual style. Here are a few a of my favourite outfits.
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Bridget Bardot Style Icon

Bridget Bardot
I was having a coffee the other day and in the cafe was a beautiful black and white photo of Bridget Bardot, the one above, I just love her natural beauty and how the photo could have been taken just the other day. A true style Icon in my eye, and many others, here are some of my favourite looks of Bridget Bardot.
Bridget Bardot Style
Bridget Bardot Trench Coat
Bridget Bardot Hair Up

Style Icon…. Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry possibly the coolest every singer in living history, in my eyes anyway, I love her effortless laid back style that she worn in the 70’s and 80’s. I think she is a true style icon, but what makes a style icon? Well today, thanks to social media, anybody can become a style icon as long as you no how to dress and have an individual look that is unqiue to yourself. I’m not saying that you can’t buy off the high street just that you need to style it up. Below are a few of my fav pics of Debbie Harry.

From the Yellow dress to floral two-piece to the denim on denim outfits, if you were to wear any of them now they would look just as cool as they did in the 70’s! So cool

Fashion Icon Elizabeth Taylor

One of the greatest and some would say last fashion icon has to be the amazing Elizabeth Taylor. She was a leader and inspiration to many in the film industry and women all around, I believe that she changed peoples perspective on fashion and made it fun, famously she wore a Diamond necklace in the pool because she wanted to. Not only did she have a wonderful career staring, most famously, as Cleopatra but a colourful personal life being married 8 times to 7 Husbands. Her style is still amazing current today and I would love to look like, I’m sure I am not alone! Enjoy

Beautiful picture, one of my favourites.

A outfit that I would love to wear today.

 Elizabeths passion was jewelry where she famously owned the 50-Carat La Peregrina Pearl, formerly owned by Elizabeth the 1st!
33.19-Carat Krupp Diamond Ring
pear shaped 69.42-Carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond