Meet Kyle Insley- Photographer
As you all know I did a shoot for my Vintage Boutique just over a week ago. I love the images we got from them, and it appears ASOS do aswell, as Ada’s Attic is now on the People Catwalk =D. So I thought you might like to get to know the photographer from our fashion shoot, Kyle Insley, I have asked him a few questions about his work, vintage, art & travel read on to find out more! =D
When doing a shoot where do you get your inspiration from? Do you look at other peoples work or do you find ideas come to you in the weirdest places?
Kyle-I usually go off idea’s straight from the top of my head with the rare occasion that I try and vary on a photo that has inspired me and I mostly use those photos purely for inspiration for back drops etc
When I have an idea I spend days to weeks searching the web for images that have features that fit with that idea I have thought up, collating and highlighting them into mood board style collections and then send them to the models/stylists etc. with the idea put into writing along with them..
The idea’s rarely seem to work exactly how I’d imagined them but usually for the better, It’s really interesting to see someone else’s interpretation of the idea you try and put across and usually the best photos are always the ones you didn’t try all that hard to achieve.. They just seem to happen!
who’s work do you really like and why?
Kyle-I have an endless list of photographers whose work I really like, it’s hard to explain why but mostly I find I really like those who have come to develop an identity/style and gone with it, to an almost perfection level..
Among those people are Victoria Sims, Jaime Ibarra, Nikos Vasilakis, Zhang Jingna, Akif Celebi, Alexei Bazdarev, Roberto Girardi & Satin Popalam Putyatina.
Why do you think vintage fashion is so popular right now?
Kyle-I think vintage is starting to become so popular through the whole Lomography scene, although this has been around for years now, especially with things like Instagram being so popular with the vintage photography look so easily achieved on an iphone and other devices, people have appeared to accept this whole concept and the feeling from these photos seems to have begun to spill into fashion more recently with clothing headed more and more toward this direction.
What is your favourite colour, food, place and why?
Kyle-Colour – White, Food – Calzone, Place – Helsinki, Finland – The most beautiful place I’ve ever been, still true to its Scandinavian roots with its architecture and endless cobbled roads and green parks, very multinational, fluent English speaking place surround in three directions by the Baltic sea endless coastlines, a short train ride from the northern lights and easily the most polite relaxed friendly environment I’ve visited.
What would be your dream vintage find? It doesn’t have to clothes it could be anything?
Kyle- Anything that catches my eye.. usually I tend to buy random and unique picture frames.
How long have you been a photographer?
Kyle- I’ve been doing photography for the last 8 years on and off, I took it as a main subject at college as an easy grade for my UCAS application and was surprised how technical it all was and how much more work was required from my initial expectations.. After college I continued with it on a low level and always kept an interest in cameras, mostly medium format but only in the last 16 months have I really go back into it, bought a new DSLR, some other kit and ventured into the whole portrait and model type of work which I have found to be the most appealing and have since took a keen interest in the fashion genre..
_The thing that I found to be the most attractive about this direction has been how different and striking an image can turn out to be on camera from what is seem by the naked eye, the things and places you see daily you start looking at as props and locations and people, you start looking at as models and thinking what type of setting the would suit and what you could achieve with them..
Very cliché but it changes the way you treat and look at your surroundings.
Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions so well! We loved working with you. To check out more of Kyle’s Great work head over to his website-

90’s…. Vintage…..!

Having been born in the mid 80’s I am still coming to terms with the fact that my childhood clothes are becoming “Vintage”. Anything that is 20 years or older is classed as Vintage so early 90’s clothing is now old enough! Crazy. If you were anything like me I spent most of my time wearing Adidas 3 stripe tracksuit bottoms, 1 pair even had poppers going all the way up to the waist band! how cool =), logo jumpers meaning anything from Kappa to Reebok to The Sweatershop! Dark denim jeans with matching denim jacket! My aim was to blend in as I was very shy. I also have memories of my older sister teaching me to make a scrunchy the 90’s must have hair accessory ha-ha. 
The 90’s weren’t just filled with my fashion, faux pars, it was also filled with Kurt Cobain, Cortney Love, the awesome Clueless, Saved By The Bell Kickers and Doc Martens! 

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Wedding Day photo. Kurt got married wear plaid pjs!
Courtney Love
Courtney Love
 Kate Moss, the face of the Heroin Sheek trend.
Kate Moss
Grungy 90’s Couple
Kickers 90’s Ad
Dr Martens 90’s advert
Liz Hurley in the safety pin dress by Versace
Kelly from Saved by the bell
The saved by the Bell girls

Key 90’s pieces

Denim- Skinny drain pipe jeans, denim jackets, ripped denim, high waisted denim shorts, shirts, denim on denimPlaid shirts.
Oversized tops worn with leggings
The twin set- matching jumper and skirt
Over the knee socks

Alice bands and scrunchies.

Art or Fashion.. Part 2

I thought I’d share with you some more Art inspired fashion.

One of the trends for this summer is “White Wedding” with “experts” claiming that the 2012 Olympics, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the European Cup will act as a cultural aphrodisiacs, resulting in more marriages and births. With different designers taking the trend in different directions we have a selection of tomboy tailored separates from Paul Smith and Givenchy, Louis Vuitton took us back to the swinging 60’s and Rei Kawakubo at Comme des Garcon took us to the cake shop……. yes you read that right, the Cake Shop. With a series of multi-tiered dresses that resemble giant wedding cakes, teamed with frothy shoulder capes and sculptural headwear this  real is extreme Bridal wear.

The modern 4 tier wedding cake.
The traditional 3 tier wedding cake
The simple understated cake
The designer cake
The art deco cake
The chocolate profiterole topped cake
The caped crusader cake
The chocolate and vanilla cake
The highly decorative Dollie inspired cake
The princess cake
The diet cake
The Ghost Buster cake
The Veil cake

Now these ensembles are probably not what most brides will be thinking about when they are choosing their wedding dresses, and I can’t really see them working down your local high street either. They are how ever a great accolade to Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcon who really let their imaginations run wild! With collections like these I always love looking at them and trying to find out the inspiration and thoughts behind them. Which makes me think that the fine line between art and fashion is becoming thinner and thinner.

Photos- Yannis Viamos/