Happy New Year!!!

London New Years Eve 2012
Happy New Year!! It may only be the 1st of Jan, but I can almost smell Summer just around the corner, yes I am an optimist! I can’t believe another year has past, over the last few years I have made a few new years resolutions, and stuck to them, this year I think I have made my best. I new years resolutions is to travel somewhere that I have never been before, it doesn’t have to be a far flung country but just somewhere new. Antony & I are planning on going to India this year so hopefully that will be our somewhere new, its a joint New Years Resolution.
I have made another two as well, no I am not joining a Gym or giving up Cheese! They are- To work extra hard this year to progress my career to the next level and to spend more time with family & friends. I know what I have said contradicts each other- working hard usually means less time, so I am going to have to use my time wisely =) I’ll let you all know how I am doing=D. So any new years resolutions for you?