My Inspiration

Last month I shared with you the inspiration of some of the designers from London Fashion Week. They range from travel to random women, literally. To carry on with the theme I am going to share with you my Inspiration. The image below was inspired by a bus journey in Birmingham- The women in question was wearing MASSIVE “Gold” hoop earring’s, full make-up and an Adidas Tracksuit, with one leg rolled up. For some reason I could not get her image out of my head and was fascinated by how I thought she perceived herself- In my head she saw herself as a smart business women, so I combined the Adidas Tracksuit with smart tailoring and Menswear. Random I know, don’t judge me lol =D.
It is hard to say what really inspires me as inspiration can come from all over the place. The Paint shoot seen Below was inspired by photos of the Indian festival Holi.
I have travelled a lot and I just love all the different things that you see on the way. I am not talking about staying in some swish hotel I mean backpacking here.
For “The Cat & Mouse” Shoot the idea simple started with the photographer wanting to use all black clothing, he was inspired by the Catwalk shows that were on at the time.
Another source of inspiration for me is the film “The September Issue”, I did this a separate blog about so I wont go into detail.
So what I would really like to know is where do you get your inspiration from?

A New Dawn in Advertising?

Every now and again something comes out of the wood work and hits you between the eyes, something strange, unusual, unseen before, yet equally intriguing and without doubt beautiful. Something that you, or at least I, can’t help but stopping. Staring at. When I first came across the Spring Summer preview shoots of Christian L’enfant Roi’s collection I was instantly memorised. I love the clean colours, simple lines mixed with awkward, even strange poses, finished off with unusual textured clothing. Not only does it make me want to write this blog about it but it sells the clothing too, a must in advertising. I love it! What do you all think, is it a winner or a binner?