TREND ALERT- This Weeks Must Have

Denim Pencil Skirt!
TREND ALERT- Who wants to be “On Trend” When you can be waayyyy cooler and be ahead of it. Were predicting that Denim Pencil Skirts are going to be MASSIVE this Autumn Winter, they are also a great transitional piece for this beautiful weather were having. As we all know Pencil Skirts have been a massive trend which has been around for a few seasons, with denim making a huge come back this season- Anything denim goes, shirts, jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts, etc etc etc. The Denim Pencil Skirt is the PERFECT combination. Check it out!

How To… Make a Scrunchie!

Yes I said Scrunchie, the 80’s hair accessorie everyone wore, I remember my older sister teaching me and my little sister how to make them, we had one in every colour, and wore them all the time. I think the world is ready to see them again so i am going to show you how to make them.
What you will need-
*Thin elastic about 2cm wide roughly
*Material of your choice
*Sewing machine or needle and thread
*About 15 minutes

Lay out the fabric and draw a rectangle about 35cm long and 12cm wide. (This includes a 1cm wide panel at either side, which will become the seam: you can draw this in if you want.) Cut the shape out. Fold up one short edge by about 1.5cm and iron it in place.
Fold the fabric in half lengthways and pin it together along the long raw edge. Stitch along this edge with the sewing machine.

Cut the elastic to about 7.5cm and lay it along the stitched edge of the fabric at one end. Pin a safety pin to the other end of the elastic, leaving it hanging loose.
Stitch one short end of it to the end of the fabric. Carry on stitching the fabric until you’ve closed one end of the tube. Turn the tube inside out so the elastic is on the inside.

Pull the safety pin up to the open end of the tube (this will scrunch up the fabric).
Stitch the elastic in place at one end of the fabric, use a pin to hold in place to make it easier.

Tuck the raw edge of the tube into the folded edge and stitch them together.
And there you have it your very own handmade Scrunchie and her is a photo of them on Marc Jacobs Runway!