Travel + Fashion + Internet = ……..

Prada Resort Collection 2013

The world is becoming smaller every day, we now think nothing of hoping on a plane for a long weekend, I included. The 1st commercial flight was in 1914! Almost a hundred years ago and boy has it changed. Freddie Laker was the first no frills airline in 1977, making flying more accessible to everyone.
Vintage Airline Travel
Travel has long been an inspiration for designers. The increase in travel affected fashion by creating the cruise or resort collections. Exotic locations are used on shoots more frequently than not, Sir Norman Parkinson was the 1st British Photographer to shoot on location. Fashion weeks are held in four main cities in the world with the who’s who of fashion attending them all. With clothing souvenirs bouught back from exotic locations this also began to change fashion.
The 21st century equivalent of that is the internet, social media, fashion bloggers, street style snappers, 24hr news and of course Facebook. The world is smaller; we can share our live with our friends all around the world like we saw them every day. The effect of this on the fashion industry has already been huge, with top bloggers becoming fashion faces with the power of the “people” behind them they have managed to create successful careers in a semi closed of industry. Street style fashion has never been more popular with people hanging around the top must see place to get snapped, the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton are infamous, affecting the way people dress. Tommy loves to focus in on accessories or just small areas rarely the whole outfit, which has made people decide to wear disjointed outfits.
Photographer Tommy Ton
The internet has created a new role in the fashion industry giving more people a voice making it the next big thing since 1914!