Fashion Icon Elizabeth Taylor

One of the greatest and some would say last fashion icon has to be the amazing Elizabeth Taylor. She was a leader and inspiration to many in the film industry and women all around, I believe that she changed peoples perspective on fashion and made it fun, famously she wore a Diamond necklace in the pool because she wanted to. Not only did she have a wonderful career staring, most famously, as Cleopatra but a colourful personal life being married 8 times to 7 Husbands. Her style is still amazing current today and I would love to look like, I’m sure I am not alone! Enjoy

Beautiful picture, one of my favourites.

A outfit that I would love to wear today.

 Elizabeths passion was jewelry where she famously owned the 50-Carat La Peregrina Pearl, formerly owned by Elizabeth the 1st!
33.19-Carat Krupp Diamond Ring
pear shaped 69.42-Carat pear shaped Taylor-Burton Diamond