Inspiration Part 3!

Daks Womenswear
 Designers took fabric inspiration & cloth construction from abstract artists expressive mark making, cross-hatched surface techniques and layered brush strokes. Using floating colour, transparency, weightlessness and fluidity to reimagine the energy created by this artistic movement.
Tata Naka
Took inspiration from photographer Slim Aarons who was originally a war photographer who changed course after seeing so much negativity. He began to photograph beautiful socialites in stunning locations wearing even more beautiful clothes, his work can also be viewed as a form of escapism form the everyday. Throw in some Motown flavour and lots of fun and you have Spring Summer the Tata Naka way. I will focus more on his work next week, stay tuned.
Daniella Issa Helayel
Ahhh Daniella took inspiration from The Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark & vibrant underwater colours! I instantly had a massive childlike smile on my face. Throw in some passion & seduction and you have a modern, bold, grown up collection that is full of energy, excitement and fun! Amazing.