Rocking Mary Antionette

Ahh Chanel, I love this collection its stunning! The colours and the awesome styling Lagerfield has done it again. This Cruise SS 2013 collection was inspried by Mary Antionette mixed with a Rock element. The clothes came ruffled with attitude, with skirts that flared at the hip. Mixed with Harlequin checks and gold denim, for men as well as women, and wide statment culottes add some extra cool points. To finish it off in true Chanel style there was the double-breasted tweed jackets, quilted bags and white soled brothel creepers, which toughened the whole look.
Just looking at the photos you forget that there is a wide spread austerity, the pastel wigs were made out of real hair and Lagerfeld said, “It was serious frivolity”, and I love that I think you should be able to escape reality and just enjoy beautifully designed clothes, whats wrong with that?