Back To Uni

Today I went back to school, well Uni at least to give a careers speech to 2nd year students on my career to date! Quite a bizarre experience thinking back on what I have achieved since i left uni, 7 years ago! I was also quite sad when i realised it had been that long. It’s funny when you actually look back on where you started and it makes you realise how much you have achieved. It is both humbling and motivating to keep on working, tirelessly, to achieve all my dreams.


I was the 3rd and final speaker today and after I sped read, I was quite nervous at the thought of speaking to 140 students and was slightly relieved when they all didn’t turn up. I showed them examples of my styling work and vintage boutique website there was a chance to ask us all some questions.

“When I graduated I felt lost and frustrated all at the same time”

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It was an honour to be asked to take part in today’s event and it made me think about how much I would have enjoyed this session when I was at uni. When I graduated I felt lost and frustrated all at the same time. I knew I wanted to be a stylist, that I would relocate anywhere for the right job & that I would try my hardest but the biggest hurdle I faced was where to start! Naturally I decided to go travelling, why not hey I was young, free and loved travelling. After a year on the road my career really began.

“signed as a stylist and had my first PAID job”

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New Stock Drop & London Fashion Week!

Vintage 80s Pink Jumpsuit & 60s Oversized Wool Coat, LFW look

With London Fashion Week just around the corner there is no better time to restock your wardrobe for autumn, and getting street style photo ready!

Vintage Denim, Midi Skirt & 50s Midi Dress

Tartan Skirts, Leather & Denim, LFW

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Safe Fashion

Selfridges White Window 2013

Have you noticed how all the shops on the high street seem to be selling the same thing? Monochrome is everywhere as was a sea of grey windows last season. All White fashion is now de rigour for window display as it is everywhere on the high street from Next to Topshop. When I have been looking around the high street I find myself struggling to get excited and sometimes differentiate between stores as everyone is selling the same thing. I think this is because of the economic climate, yes we are told every day that we are, slowly, coming out of recession but clothing companies don’t want to take a risk is producing masses of stock just for it to go into the sale.
Topshop Birmingham White Windows Summer 2013
Times like this see subcultures and independent labels flourish, subcultures want to break away from the main stream and use fashion as an expression of their angst. Independent labels are more flexible and there for able to adapt and produce smaller quantities with less risk so are able to tap into subculture and the newest street fashion trends. The 90’s saw the rise of the Punks who adopted the safety pin which was then turned from cheap commodity into high fashion by Dolce & Gabbana on “that” safety pin dress. With DIY fashion tutorials on youtube and programmes such as the Great British Sewing Bee, which was on Channel 4 earlier this year I see this starting to happen again. People are becoming more open to having ago at making something themselves or at the very least customising something that have bought from the high street. Vintage fashion is gaining more followers and popularity every day with people who want high quality materials, great unique off design and mostly INDIVIDUALISM at a fraction of the cost of the high street. High street chains are noticing this trend and are beginning to offer limited edition dresses for double the cost of their normal collection, but I know what I would prefer. I am looking forward to seeing what next season has in store for us… not that I am wishing the summer away.
Do you think fashion has become safe? What are you yearning to see on the high street? Or Do you completely disagree with me? I would love to know xx


Fashion on Film

The Future of the Fashion Show

Fashion on film is becoming more & more popular. With the highly publicized Topshop secret star video for their Christmas 2013 collection to their most recent festival inspired video. It’s apparent that films in! But why now? The change in fashion from the 90s super models & now social media stars; bloggers & super models, stars we don’t just want to see still images. Fashion film is a way for a brand to tell a story & most importantly interact with thief customers more. Personally I would prefer to watch a short film that click through lots of still product images. Fashion on film will be the norm in 10 years’ time, or at least that’s what I think 🙂

What do you think? Do you prefer film or are not fussed either way?

My Life On A Shoe String

 If you have ever met me or have been reading this blogfor a while you will know that I love fashion and travel. 

Me & the Pigeons in Rome
My main passion is obviously fashion, but I also love Travel and the psychology behind what we wear. I am intrigued in trend prediction and anything to do with Art always interestsme.
  With lots of things changing in my personal life, buying my 1st house! Growing up my vintage business. I want to share how you can still have your cake and eat it =)

Vintage From Rome Italy
So to clarify I will still mainly be writing about fashion but also want to share my love of travel with you too, I will always post every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday, if the mood takes me or I have something I can’t wait to share with you I will post it straight away, so make sure you are checking back regularly.
Thanks Rach

Travel + Fashion + Internet = ……..

Prada Resort Collection 2013

The world is becoming smaller every day, we now think nothing of hoping on a plane for a long weekend, I included. The 1st commercial flight was in 1914! Almost a hundred years ago and boy has it changed. Freddie Laker was the first no frills airline in 1977, making flying more accessible to everyone.
Vintage Airline Travel
Travel has long been an inspiration for designers. The increase in travel affected fashion by creating the cruise or resort collections. Exotic locations are used on shoots more frequently than not, Sir Norman Parkinson was the 1st British Photographer to shoot on location. Fashion weeks are held in four main cities in the world with the who’s who of fashion attending them all. With clothing souvenirs bouught back from exotic locations this also began to change fashion.
The 21st century equivalent of that is the internet, social media, fashion bloggers, street style snappers, 24hr news and of course Facebook. The world is smaller; we can share our live with our friends all around the world like we saw them every day. The effect of this on the fashion industry has already been huge, with top bloggers becoming fashion faces with the power of the “people” behind them they have managed to create successful careers in a semi closed of industry. Street style fashion has never been more popular with people hanging around the top must see place to get snapped, the Sartorialist and Tommy Ton are infamous, affecting the way people dress. Tommy loves to focus in on accessories or just small areas rarely the whole outfit, which has made people decide to wear disjointed outfits.
Photographer Tommy Ton
The internet has created a new role in the fashion industry giving more people a voice making it the next big thing since 1914!

H&M Store Reopening Extravaganza

Vanessa Paradis named face of H&M conscious collection
H&M’s Oxford Circus flagship store will be reopened on the 14th March, with a four-day celebration. The HUGE 6 floor shop will see more than 20 top DJs and surprise performances, throughout the opening weekend.
Another added bonus is that all customers to join to the queue outside before 1pm on the 14th will receive a wristband entitling them to 25% off all products within the store on that day.
Vanessa Paradis named face of H&M conscious collection
The fashion industry is always fast past but I can see that there is almost a competition between high street stores to create a busy and almost cult following. Rival Topshop are having live access to all areas of their London Fashion Week streamed live in collaboration with Google+, with a few models, Jordan Dunn one of them, wearing model cams as they walk down the catwalk. Both chains dabble in designer collaborations, with each of them designing their own premium high street collections too, Cos is H&M version of Topshop Unique.
H&M’s grand reopening also certifies that fashion, music & culture are so intertwined that they are almost co-dependent…..What next?

Designer Inspiration Part 2!

PPQ designer Amy Molyneaux describes how the five key shapes of Spring Summer 2013 are inspired by varying degrees of triangles and triangles inverted; from a A line trapeze, to floor length gown. Their desire was to create a dress for all occasion’s with out any reference to the age bracket the customers might be in. They also threw in some psychedelic 60’s prints and colours to end up with a massive fashion “party”!
John Rocha took inspiration from light and time that he spent at a vineyard near Aix en Provence. Describing his collection as Happy! Love it everyone should be Happy.
Eudon Choi
Took his inspiration partly from Stanley Kubrick’s seminal movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which was made in 1968- when 2001 and seemed like along way away. Inspiration was also taken from the 1966 film Blown Up starring model Veruschka. The collection has been exclusively snapped up by Selfridges so it must be ok.
Three very different starting points in terms of inspiration and overall three different collection. However you can see similarities in terms of colour palette and silhouette.

Brassai 1930’s Photographer

I love the 1930’s photographer Brassai. He was completely disinterested in photography, if not scornful of it, until he saw the work being done by his acquaintance Andre Kertesz, which inspired him to take up the medium himself.
In the early thirties he set about photographing the night of Paris, especially at its more colorful and more disreputable levels. The results this project, a fascinatingly tawdry collection of prostitutes, pimps, madams, transvestites, apaches, and assorted cold-eyed pleasure-seekers, was published in 1933 as Paris de Nuit, one of the most remarkable of all photographic books.
Making photographs in the dark bistros and darker streets presented a difficult technical problem. BRASSAI”s solution was direct, primitive, and perfect. He focused his small plate camera on a tripod, opened the shutter when ready, and fired a flashbulb. If the quality of his light did not match that of the places where he worked, it was, for BRASSAI, better: straighter, more merciless, more descriptive of fact, and more in keeping with BRASSAI’s own vision, which was as straightforward as a hammer. He just didn’t focus on the underworld be also took photos of “normal” people out and about town, almost as a 1930’s version of a fashion blogger?

What I find intriguing and interesting about Brassai’s photos are that they tell part of a story about the people in them, whilst still leaving room for your imagination to build and create the rest of the story. Brassia’s work has not gone unnoticed by some of the most influential people in fashion with John Galliano and Grace Coddington both being inspired by him work.
So what do you think about his style of photography?

Ones To Watch

A few of my favorite new designers out now.


A design duo who are self confessed Denim addicts. I love the bleached out oversized street hippie look they have created. Beautiful, fresh and surprisingly feminine.

S/S 2012
S/S 2012


Designed for the British Eccentric in mind these totally original accessories. Currently being stocked in Selfridges and some of the best photography I have seen for a while. I just think that they are beautiful!

Rob Godwin

A new jeweler designer who designs for men’s couture pieces, everyday jeweler, and women’s cocktail rings as “bold, androgynous and diverse”. Inspiration comes from architecture, military uniform and Exotic Animals.