Return Of Grunge

Dries Van Norten SS Grunge Fashion
Yep another trend that was around in the 90’s is re appearing again in 2013, Grunge fashion never really went away with ripped jeans, doc martens and check shirts always in fashion. But this season we can look forward to slogan tees, acid wash jeans ripped or not, dungarees shorts and dresses, Converse high tops, red lipstick and painted nails! It was also the year that Thelma & Louise made their getaway!

90’s Grunge Street Fashion

To add a more grown up touch to the Grunge trend, try adding leather or velvet to your outfit, a leather or velvet pencil skirt is great and would look amazing worn with loose fitting plaid shirt and ankle boots- Doc Martens or other clumpy style boot. Or like seen on the Dries Van Norten ss collection plaid shirts/ tops in fancy materials- chiffon, high shine materials and silks look amazing and give the trend an updated look for 2013.

Or go all Courtney Love in skin tone- Nude- dresses, sexy and yet very laid back in style terms- wear with minimal jewellery- Red lips and short painted nails in dark shades.

Flashback To The 90’s

Margaret Howell Spring 2013
Alexa Dungarees
Ok so I have just about accepted that early 90’s Fashion is now old enough to be classed as vintage, my childhood clothes!…. There is one item of clothing that I adored as a child, which was dungarees shorts and dresses, and I still love them now! They are perfect for the Tomboy in me still, and succeeding, to come out. They are fun and surprisingly functional. 3.1 Philip Lim did an amazing full length leather pair which is sooooo cool and suitable for all age ranges. Denim is an easier and more wearable option for all of 2013 spring & summer; they also look great worn over a bikini on the beach! Ekk I can’t wait for summer to begin =D

3.1 Philip Lim Dungarees 2013

Spice Up Your Life

Olympic fever has well and truly swept the UK, and I have been swept up it as well, we have done sooooo well and I feel with The Jubilee and the Olympics this year we have reignited Britishness, something we will touch on in the next post. What better way to end a fabulous Olympics, whilst also getting ready for the paralympics, that with the biggest girl band ever… The Spice Girls! Funnily enough I was just reminiscing with my mum the other day on when me and Kate, my little sister, first saw them. We were at a trade show, where my mum was working and a stall was showing there video, we were completely hypnotised and hooked from there on in. We had in all every single, album, t-shirt, poster and anything else that had Spice Girls on it. I would like to make clear I was only in primary school, lets say 11.
We have also seen a massive rise in 90’s fashion this year with backpacks, denim jackets, leather skirts, crop tops and Tie-dye. So are you ready to Spice Up…..
Posh Spice
You can’t think 90’s without thinking of crop tops, this is a classy version its draped front and short sleeves it would look AMAZING with leather trousers!
Baby Spice
The Denim Jacket screams 90’s! Everyone had one and is getting one again. This one had a mock sheepskin lining to keep you warm in winter.
Sporty Spice
Sporty Spice eat your heart out! This 90’s Addict Vintage Sports Jacket has a funnel neck and two tone colour perfect.
Scary Spice
Scary spice wanted to be seen, she loved bold prints and bold colours. This jumpsuit is perfect Scary Spice outfit.
Ginger Spice
Geri made the Union Jack dress infamous, for good or bad, its not something that I would wear out, everyday, but its perfect for this summers event and that’s why it gets the main shoot on the homepage of our boutique.

Its so funny looking back on these photos now, when i was 11 I thought they were soooo cool and loved how they all had there own “style” lol, Posh was my favourite! Who was yours?

A girls best friend…… Leather

Leather should be a staple in everyones wardrobe, a leather jacket is timeless and will never go out of fashion. But you don’t just have to stick to leather jackets anymore…. leather skirts are ” so hot” right now and how can you make them even “hotter”?… By adding pastel tones to them! They look great worn in the day with a cute little knitted number or sporty jacket. For the night time go all out and pair with sexy sheer tops in matching shades.
If you like to stitch with Leather on your top half and your looking for an extra special leather jacket then vintage is the right way to go, the 80’s did leather sooooo well and if your lucky you can find some around today. Whatever way you decide to go be it, 80’s, pastel or skirt you will be going in the right direction.

How do you wear your Leather?=D

How to build a vintage capsule wardrobe….

Everyone wants to have the perfect wardrobe that is not just stylish, individual and wearable but so you have something to wear for every occassion, a capsule wardrobe. So how do you build the perfect vintage capsule wardrobe? Like anything start with the basics, the Trench Coat, White Shirt,Trousers, Pencil Skirt, Blazer and Black Dress…..
Then add the jazz and your own individuality….
Ada’s Attic… Coming Soon…
Roar… Ada’s Attic coming soon…
Add some Leather & Colour……
Coming Soon…. Ada’s Attic
 Then go all out!….
Coming Soon……. Ada’s Attic-
The main thing to remember is to have FUN!! If you like it and it fits right, who cares if its not on “trend” just buy it and wear it anyway, you could just become a “trend” setter =D

90’s…. Vintage…..!

Having been born in the mid 80’s I am still coming to terms with the fact that my childhood clothes are becoming “Vintage”. Anything that is 20 years or older is classed as Vintage so early 90’s clothing is now old enough! Crazy. If you were anything like me I spent most of my time wearing Adidas 3 stripe tracksuit bottoms, 1 pair even had poppers going all the way up to the waist band! how cool =), logo jumpers meaning anything from Kappa to Reebok to The Sweatershop! Dark denim jeans with matching denim jacket! My aim was to blend in as I was very shy. I also have memories of my older sister teaching me to make a scrunchy the 90’s must have hair accessory ha-ha. 
The 90’s weren’t just filled with my fashion, faux pars, it was also filled with Kurt Cobain, Cortney Love, the awesome Clueless, Saved By The Bell Kickers and Doc Martens! 

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Wedding Day photo. Kurt got married wear plaid pjs!
Courtney Love
Courtney Love
 Kate Moss, the face of the Heroin Sheek trend.
Kate Moss
Grungy 90’s Couple
Kickers 90’s Ad
Dr Martens 90’s advert
Liz Hurley in the safety pin dress by Versace
Kelly from Saved by the bell
The saved by the Bell girls

Key 90’s pieces

Denim- Skinny drain pipe jeans, denim jackets, ripped denim, high waisted denim shorts, shirts, denim on denimPlaid shirts.
Oversized tops worn with leggings
The twin set- matching jumper and skirt
Over the knee socks

Alice bands and scrunchies.