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Sometimes everyone needs a bit of motivation, now I don’t like soppy stuff. Here are a few motivational images/words I found on Pinterest that made me smile.

Irving Penn
I think of this one below all the time when I see people fighting for the car parking space nearest the door lol =D

Author Unknown

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Part two.

Carrying on with the South American theme were now in Bolivia at Salar de Uyuni, the world largest salt flats. 

At nearly 5000 meters above sea level its not as warm as it looks but it is even more stunning in real life! The blocks that you can see are actually bricks craved out of the salt which was used to building the salt hotel which we stayed in. It is glaringly bright and as the floor is all white you can create some really cool distorted perspective photos. Its a great 3 day trip that cost me roughly around £50, including all accommodation, food and travel, it is worth being in a clapped out Jeep driving through a country that has not yet discovered roads. In my eyes this should be on the bucket list, incase the bucket list people agree with me get there ASAP….. STUNNING

Photo- Me Rachael Sadler

Blooming Marvelous!

 So we all know its Mothers Day on Sunday, and if your wanting to get your Mummy something more original than flowers then how about…… Flowering Tea…… Yes you did read that correctly, Flowering Tea! Amazing, beautiful and you get to drink tea and therefore eat Cake! Everyone is a winner! Check it out below.
Dragon Eye Flowering Tea



A very happy Mothers day for all! Enjoy!


Half of the fun of reading fashion mags is looking at the beautiful adverts, here are a few of our favs.

Chanel Spring Summer 2012
Chanel Spring Summer 2012
Guess Spring Summer 2012
Hermes Spring Summer 2012
Louis Vitton Spring Summer 2012
Mulberry Spring Summer 2012

Art or Fashion?

Couture fashion is the most expensive fashion in the fashion industry. Its a small select group that use the finest materials and skills, but with its flamboyant style, extreme price tags is Couture fashion better placed in the art world? 

Givency 2012 Spring Summer
Givenchy 2012 Spring Summer
Givenchy 2012 Spring Summer

Yiquing Yin 2012 Spring/Summer
Yiqing Yin 2012 Spring Summer
House of Worth 2012 Spring Summer

The designs are over the top but no-one can deny how beautiful and inspiring they are. Givenchy pushes the barriers of Haute Couture by designing body jewellery, that not only any rocker would be proud to wear, but is 100% stunning! We love the Givenchy collection especially. At the end of the day Couture fashion pieces are, in their own right, art, but they also have the place in fashion, firmly at the top. Its brings us joy just looking at beautiful pictures of it, imagine what we would be like if we could wear it!

Final edition!

So today is the launch of the final H&M & Versarce collaboration. We are presented with vivid colours, fruit prints & pastel shades which creates a fun, fresh, feel, just what everyone wants from a cruise collection. This time the collection is only available online in UK, Holland & Spain so the US you will have to sit this one out, Anyway enough jibber jabber on with the pictures!

All wrapped up!

As a final fair well to Christmas 2011 we have collected together some fine art images by Christ and Jeanne-Claude who “Wrap up” objects, and were not talking about a book. This is “wrapping gone supersized!
Wrapped Trees, Riehen, Switzerland 1997- 1998
German Reichstag in Berlin.
The Pont Neuf Bridge, Paris 1985.